51 Profit Building Lessons To Grow Your Business


1. Are Your Goals Worthy of You?

95% of us would ask ourselves the opposite – Am I worthy of my goals? WRONG! You should believe in yourself and your vision in life, then make goals that are grandiose enough to reflect your highest values. A worthy goal calls you to dream big and lights your soul on fire, such you would persist even when the going gets tough.

2. Work in Time Chunks

Set aside 2-4 uninterrupted hours for your projects to become highly efficient and accomplish amazing things. In a world of frequent interruptions and distractions – be it emails, messages and physical distraction – this takes consistency and discipline to make it habit. But it is definitely a worthy habit to adopt.

3. Seek valuable lessons in everything you do  

There are endless opportunities to learn, from everything you do and every person you meet. Do not pass up any learning opportunity, no matter whether your projects fail or succeed. Always reflect and record everything you learn before you forget, preferably in a journal (And if you don’t have a journal, it’s time to buy one!

4. How can I better improve my client’s lives?

This is a simple, yet powerful question. But how many companies actually apply this model? Most probably, less than 10%.  Many are fixated on convincing the next target prospect or making that next sale, rather than focusing on effectively providing value for their clients.

5. Constantly looking for new ideas

Look and record new ideas, insights and concepts that are beyond your scope. Broaden your horizons by asking everyone what they do, how they do it, why they do it, what could make their jobs or offerings better and what their dreams and aspirations are.

6. “What don’t I know that is absolutely critical to my success?”

Brainstorm on where you can find this information. Start writing down ways to work with people to have that knowledge. Is there a way to work with them without paying – either by trading your services or products for theirs or other means?

7. Choose a charity you deeply believe in

How can you help them achieve their goals? You could volunteer your services or donate products or even revenue. By helping them out in numerous ways, you open yourself up to a wealth of opportunities

8. Build a dream team

People you would love to work with or who are already present in your life now. If you have yet to make a connection with them, start interviewing and find out how you can contribute their interests, passions, and charitable cause.

If you have read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, you will understand the principle of mastermind team.

9. Create your stadium pitch

Think about your product or service. How would you pitch it to a stadium of 50,000 people in 30-60 seconds? How do you communicate your offering such that anyone would be stupid to say no? Consider that anyone can walk out anytime

10. Consider the only 3 ways to grow your business

You can increase the number of clients, increase the average sales price, or increase the number of times they buy a year. 90% would focus on increasing the number of clients, which is the least effective and profitable method. Focus on increasing the latter 2 methods

11. Use a shotgun approach to marketing

Use your multiple resources and ways to promote your offering, at the same time, to target customers. Try different marketing and digital marketing strategies.

12. Test all your crazy ideas

Test all their variations and optimize how effective they are! Be it SEO, PPC, website design or lead generation, test all your marketing approach.

13. Help your prospects see your offerings the way you do

Educate prospects on how they too can become an expert in your products or offerings – even before they purchase!

14. Find your ‘magnificent obsession’

Find that deep passion that is ingrained into your soul, such that everyone that you meet would know what you stand for and what you want to achieve -that one goal no one can derail you from achieving!

15. A mandatory 30s personal drill

Ask yourself – am I enjoying myself? How big of a company do you want to run? What would happen to your business if you leave for a month? Start working on these areas immediately!

16. Use your customers as a marketing tool

They know exactly what they want, and you need to find out what it is. Phone, email or talk to them about their needs, passions, concerns, etc. People deal with your company because they want you to change their live – but do you deliver their wants?

17. Follow your gut

Check out moonlightmotivation.com to show you can strengthen this instinct

18. What would you do differently if your business were treated like a movie theatre?

Word of mouth travels fast on whether the box office was a hit or a flop? How would your movie be received?

19. Referrals can exponentially grow your business

Methods include pay per lead, “bribery”, automating the referral process, friends and family programs, etc.

20. The lifetime value of your clients

What is 1 client worth to you in a lifetime? Compare this to the cost of acquiring 1 client? If the lifetime value of a client is $100, what is stopping you from spending money in acquiring clients?

You can always increase the lifetime value of your customers by:

  • making them buy more (more products/services)
  • making them buy more (increase frequency)
  • increasing your prices

21. Who else does business with my ideal client?

Find out how their business is doing and if they are seeking new ways of generating business. Do a joint-venture and get the leads for free, or on a profit-sharing basis.

22. Sell the experience of your retail store (if any)

23.  Set the buying criteria for your prospects

Make clients revaluate who they decide to buy from, by making them realise that you are the only one that provides an experience of the highest quality

24. Plan your long-term strategies before you plan your tactics

Your plan reveals who you want to be, and the types of clients you, while the tactics reflect the methods to achieve it.

25. Use risk reversal in your offer

Make it so that your client would be stupid not to deal with you. Even if they decide that they want a refund, they would still have benefited from interacting with you.

26. Is my business a refreshing alternative to all the others?

If it is not – make it so. People like novelty and it can be a great marketing tool for you.

27. Fall in love with your clients more than you love your business

Satisfied clients will become your ambassador and champion your brand.

28. Are you living your life like your business preaches? If not, start now.

There’s no point in living the life you don’t like. Like Steve Jobs said, if you live too many days in a row feeling like you haven’t live life fully, you need to re-examine and live the life you are supposed to live.

29. One hour every week – work on your business as opposed to in your business.

Work on your strategy for the year and where you want to be a year from now, rather than just get caught up in the day-to-day grind.

Working on your business is the only way to improve it and grow it bigger. A 1% daily growth in your business can become a lot given enough time.

30. Focus on areas you do exceptionally well. Become #1 and #2 in areas of your business or industry.

31. What related products/services do your clients buy? Can you do a joint venture or add it to your product mix?

32. Call back everyone who rejected your offer. Offer them an incentive, discount and share your “why” behind your offering.

33. Barter

Help those you want to work with, and they would forever be grateful!

34. Follow your hunches/gut

35. Fake an outrageous claim or challenge

36. If you don’t do it- someone half as smart and half as nice will do it

37. Create an itch clients have to scratch. Teach them something unbeknownst to them and make it crucial that they would be dying to solve the problem.

38. Tell prospects from the start your “what” and “why”

39. Small incremental improvements leveraged by technology lead to incredible breakthroughs.

40. Forget about inside or outside of the box thinking. Get rid of the box!

41. Design the best script to sell to your clients

Test variations and improve it every day!

42. Record every known objection. Then record your responses to these objections.

43. Address objections before your client brings them up.

44. Up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell when making an offer.

45. Create momentum in your business. Find a new trial – implement it – test it- modify it – repeat

46. Would you sell your product or service to your parents? If no, reconsider your offering.

47. Send sales letters with your catalogues!

48. Barter knowledge-based product or services. Specialized knowledge is always valuable.

49. Build multiple mastermind groups – from within and beyond your industry, client groups, etc.

50. Continually test techniques that used to work, but have not been recently tested.

51. Interact with people whom you can help improve. Become obsessed with helping others and learning from them.

Most importantly – TAKE ACTION TODAY!