7 Critical SEO Strategies to Get an Edge over your Competitors

SEO is not just about ranking high on a search engine but, gluing your place intact is even more important. It is no piece of cake to hold your position upright if you are not observant of the fast-paced changes occurring.

Approximately, Google is making 3,200 algorithm changes every year. That is about 9 changes per day. So, the question here arises is that how to outplay such a humungous company at their own game and rank high considering the fact that they earn over $100 billion every year just in ad revenue. That can’t be done using conventional methods as Google is far ahead in cleverness.

You might think that you could incorporate their advice on how to rank high might work but that won’t be of much help. The real key is to leverage technology to rank well. Although Google has made things challenging, certain ways can help in overcoming these when it comes to SEO.

Explained below are 7 critical SEO strategies that need to be implemented for surviving the tornado of transforming technological era:

SEO A/B Split Testing- Critical Strategy #1

To raise your ranking, your website needs to be modified. You should make the necessary changes to it but, making changes to a website is not easy as it takes forever to assimilate those changes manually. Fortunately, there are websites available over the internet for your rescue.

With the help of these websites, you just have to introduce a small piece of JavaScript and they modify your HTML coding. You don’t have to share your server password or FTP login with them, the technology has timelessly evolved so much that the addition of a simple JavaScript to your website can make changes to your website. A/B testing has worked just like this over the years.

The exciting point about these tools is that they carry out the changes automatically, which is extremely helpful if your website has a huge number of pages.

A brief elaboration of how they work:

  1. These tools assemble ODN (Optimization Delivery Network) at the forefront of your website.
  2. They make changes in the Content Management System (CMS) interface to a class of related pages, e.g. product pages.
  3. Then it makes changes to half of these pages on the website.
  4. After that ODN analyzes organic traffic to the test pages and reflects how they work against the original ones.
  5. After assessing the SEO uplift, they permit you to promptly make that change to your entire website.

This ensures that your website will be SEO friendly without asking you to make any of the adjustments by yourself.

E.A.T- Critical Strategy #2

This acronym holds an indisputable place in the world of SEO. E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. As we move forward Google doesn’t want to rank only good content. It should be relevant to the source. If any content that ranks high is inaccurate, it can harm the potential users.

For better understanding let’s take an example. A website is offering medical advice. It has the adequacy of links and right delivery to rank well but, its content is incorrect and someone injures themselves after following the prescription of that particular content.

This is why Google has become anxious about the website to demonstrate the traits of E.A.T. Everybody can manipulate SEO rankings, but it is really hard to manipulate aspects of E.A.T., specifically when all the three traits are put together.

Employing certain tactics will help in boosting the rankings in the long term, such as:

Guest Post: Byincreasing the number of guest posts on prominent news sites and other platforms you can enhance brand recognition among users.

Speak at Conferences: Thiswillhelp with E.A.T. The aim is to make users aware of your work through these conferences. Eventually, it will attract their acceptance.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to Host HTML File- Critical Strategy #3

Everyone is aware that speed impacts ranking. Moreover, it impacts conversion rates as well. Presently more Google searches take place on mobile devices, making speed and loading time a crucial factor.

Let’s take an example. Suppose a site is hosted on a server which is located in the United States. If a user in New York tries to access that website, it will load fairly fast compared to a user in Brazil. It will take longer for Brazil users because they are far away from the server.

Nobody has the time and patience to sit back and wait for the site to load. They are quick to switch to the one that loads faster.

To resolve this issue, you can use CDN services.

CDN services cache the static content and images and server them from the nearest server located to the user who tries to access the website. This enhances the user experience of the website worldwide.

You will have a clearer picture of the scenario when you learn how search engine works.

Use Multi-lingual Title Tags Tests- Critical Strategy #4

If you want to maximize CTR (Click-through Rate), your website must undergo Meta description and title tag tests. Here are some points which can help in boosting CTRs:

  • A title tag that contains a question generates 14.1% more clicks than average.
  • Title tags that are generally between 15 to 40 characters attract most clicks.
  • Highlighting emotions can increase CTR. Title tags with a negative or positive emotion generate approximate 7% more clicks.
  • Adding a simple thing like a year to the title tag can remarkably increase CTR.

Implement FAQ Page- Critical Strategy #5

It is comprehensively believed that adding an FAQ page doesn’t help anything. Google also helps in maintaining this thought by keeping them on its search engine.

However, when a user gets acquainted with amazing content and great experience, they often remember the URL that led them towards it. Moreover, they prefer using those URLs for future searches.

This will help to target potential traffic towards the website while ensuring you don’t end up losing the one which is already acquired.

Content Clusters- Critical Strategy #6

A website can have content on similar topics. This can confuse Google in producing the content in search results which is most relevant to the search made. This is a serious problem as it can impact the rank page of the website.

Content clusters can resolve this problem and at the same time can help in improving the overall rank of the site. Content clusters aim to have disintegrated sections for different content blogs about distinct topics. Then articles related to the same topic can be linked with them.

With this practice, search engines will have a clearer picture of the central topic concerning the search query and rank your website higher. Having a clear content marketing strategy does help a lot in getting Google to rank you right.

You can check out our blog on how to create quality content.

Conquer the World- Critical Strategy #7

While ranking a website in terms of English content, Google has plenty of content available with it. They lack high-quality content in other languages. A simple introduction of quality content in different languages to your website will result in a hike in the traffic.

This is a significant SEO strategy if you aspire to have a global presence. Companies are not just based in the United Kingdom or the United States. They are emerging all around the globe. For dominating the world, it is mandatory to possess the information which users around the world seek.


No matter how long you have been doing SEO operations, there is always room for improvement. Google is constantly making changes with the new technology.

SEO these days is not just about how to attract more traffic to rank well. To survive in this fast-changing industry you have to approach things a bit more technically. It is important to engage the right SEO expert to help you in this field.

Coming up with the solution to every question that Google presents will lead you to heights while sticking to a traditional process will cause your downfall. Choose carefully where you want to be in the coming years and implement the vital strategies to make the journey smooth.


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