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How to Sharpen Your Unique Selling Proposition

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The most important thing in business and career, is standing out more favourably, strategically and attractively in your client’s eyes. You need to present a compelling reason why clients and employers should choose you over your competitor. The more clearly and frequently you communicate why you are a superior choice (offering more benefits, value, and…

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How to Think Long-term and Improve Your Business

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Your clients can be your lifelong affiliates Most businesses make it hard for clients and employers to start a relationship with them. The key is to lower or eliminate all the barriers that may hinder the potential relationship. Even if you deliver amazing value, service, and tangible results, you need to gain your prospective client’s…

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How to Harness the power of Endorsements

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Psychology theories have proven that endorsements are truly an effective tool in joint venture marketing. It utilizes these strategies through agreements between businesses to endorse each other’s products to their clients.This strategy results boosts sales when executed correctly. Using endorsements in your joint venture deals, are similar to using setups. These are entities — organizations,…

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Mastering the Joint Venture Mindset

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In this article we explore a key concept by Jay Abraham called joint venture mindset. What are the key factors of the nature of any deal that make specific joint ventures the most lucrative, the most predominant, the most easily accessible money-making method or option you could ever have? One of the fundamentals before executing…

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Leveraging the power of Joint Ventures

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Let’s explore some of the tactics he has effectively used to become so successful! But first, let’s start with the definition of a joint venture: A good old-fashion partnership with a simple “strategic twist”. Joint ventures give you the opportunity to create add-ons for your business, enter new markets, gain access to other companies’ resources…

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Are you ‘Limiting’ Your Client Buying?

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This is How it Impacts Your Business… Are you unwittingly limiting the amount of business you are doing with your clients? You must be thinking “Who in their right mind would deliberately ‘limit’ client buying?”. This does not happen on purpose. I know it is hard to believe, but many business owners are unwittingly guilty…

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How to Draft an Offer No One Can Refuse

special offer

Logically, the biggest known secret to success in business or career is maintaining an advantage in everything you do. Many fail to understand, let alone practice this principle. The simplest “competitive-edge” advantage you’ll ever gain is to always make it easier for the client to say “yes” rather than “no” to your offer. All you…

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Creating Breakthroughs to Improve Your Business, Career and Life

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Do you desire achieve great prosperity in your business, career and life? The secret to achieving this is highly dependent on your ability create your own breakthroughs! Instead of purporting the adage, this article would shed light on practical steps you can take to accomplish your personal goals. Now instead of just working harder, the…

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55 Profit Building Lessons To Grow Your Business

Marketing Parthenon

1. Are Your Goals Worthy of You? 95% of us would ask ourselves the opposite – Am I worthy of my goals? WRONG! You should believe in yourself and your vision in life, then make goals that are grandiose enough to reflect your highest values. A worthy goal calls you to dream big and lights…

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