The Future of Web Designing: 6 Ways to Attract Customers

The web has its presence in every part of our lives. Be it banking, shopping, sports, learning, entertainment, and more, we can have almost everything with only a few clicks on websites. As the web is evolving constantly, the changes are happening in the way websites are being designed & built. A few decades back,…

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Key Points Future SEO and Marketing Professionals Need to Focus on

We are living in a modern era where change is the only constant thing. The SEO world is not different in any aspect. The element of change makes things exciting as SEO users have to think beyond their ability to compete with one another. By sticking to traditional and conventional SEO strategies where it was…

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Extensive Digital Marketing Innovations and Trends for 2020

The evolution of technology over the years has made a revolutionary change in the world turning it into a global place by connecting people across different countries. Accessing information has become easier than it was ever before. Promoting your services and generating product awareness are now smoothly manageable. Internet is an extremely helpful tool that…

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What are the different Google Penalties and How to Rectify them?

The world of SEO is extremely intricate. By imposing complex jurisdictions Google has made things even more difficult. It has made an arbitrary module of set norms that need to be adhered to. Google is entitled to enforce manual spam actions broadly known as penalties, to the websites that violate their Webmaster Guidelines. The specific…

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7 Critical SEO Strategies to Get an Edge over your Competitors

SEO is not just about ranking high on a search engine but, gluing your place intact is even more important. It is no piece of cake to hold your position upright if you are not observant of the fast-paced changes occurring. Approximately, Google is making 3,200 algorithm changes every year. That is about 9 changes…

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How to Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Website via Google PPC

People normally have a question in their minds about why to pay to appear higher on ranking pages when they can do this free of cost. Driving relevant traffic to your site is not an easy job as many people might think. Its tight rope walk task.  Google algorithm has a unique way of working.…

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What really is SEO and the importance of SEO for your Business

Why is SEO important

The Internet is like an ocean where rivers of information are gathered every day. The world is now fully interconnected thanks to the internet. And this gives business owners potentially billions of customers all around the world. As more businesses are utilising the internet, you need to take necessary actions to keep your business aloft and visible…

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How to Use Alt Text to Improve Image Optimisation

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Sometimes when searching for an image online, we can’t quite find what we are specifically searching for. Often this is due to bad image optimisation. Not only does this do a great disservice to those browsing the internet, but as a marketer, it also means your image is less likely to show up when relevant.…

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