Boost Your Online Presence with Local Business Listings 

Creation of local business listings is a very essential method of SEO strategy. Local business listings provide information about your business to your audience.

More and more people are looking online for businesses to meet their needs. In a study, Eventility shows that 97% of consumers use online search engines to look for local businesses. Thus, creating local business listings is a very good way to gain presence in the online arena.

What are Local business listings?

As seen in the picture above, local business listings consist of your business name, address, phone number. Different directories may require additional details, but these are mainly what’s mandatorily required.

To qualify for local business listing, your business must have the 4 criteria:

  1. Business engaged with your customer must be physical, not virtual
  2. A business name
  3. A local physical street address
  4. A local phone number

Importantly, your phone number must not be shared or tolled-free and your street address must not be virtual, shared etc.

How can Local business listings help your SEO?

The more local business listings you create, the more platforms your target prospects can look for you. Thus, the greater the traffic you will get to your website. Remember, one important metric of SEO is number of visitors to your site. Now you can see that the greater the traffic to your site, the better your site’s SEO will be.

The best part about local business listings is that they are easy to set up and they are free of charge! Creating local business listings is definitely not a method that you want to miss in your journey to obtain good SEO ranking.

Local business listings are also targeted to people that are highly likely to buy from you, since they are in close proximity to you. This is definitely a method you want to adopt to get more prospects to your funnel.Another aspect of SEO is backlinks.

By creating a local listing on a business directory, you are essentially creating a backlink to your website. And this improves your SEO ranking substantially.

Finally, your website has more opportunities to appear on the first page of search engines. Not only will your website be ranked, your individual business pages in the business directories will also be ranked in search engines.

When your visitors search you, they will see your business in almost every rank of search engines on the first page. Through this, you definitely can gain the confidence of your prospects in terms of branding and credibility.

Free directories to list your site

Here are some free directories to list your site.

1. Google Places 

Google maps is a very good platform to get started. When customers are using the Google Maps application, they can easily find your business in the area searched for. The rating and recommendation function also increase your outreach to more customers. Considering the extensive outreach and usage of Google Maps, you can foresee the huge number of potential customers that you can possibly reach out to!

2. Yelp

Yelp is a online guide focused on the local community. It it largely maintained by reviews of users, and getting to Yelp allows you to build your brand on quality reviews. Yelp is a huge community and a platform necessary for listing.

3. Yahoo Local 

Yahoo local is one of the largest business directories online for local listings. There are 2 types of listing that you can go for – the free one and through Yext. Yext will require money while Yahoo is free. But definitely, Yext provides more quality listing services.


Yellow pages is a huge online directory of businesses. The users of yellow pages is extremely high and is very necessary that you have your business listed on Yellow pages updates their database very frequently and extensively, so it is most likely that your business has been listed. You can claim the listing for free!


Yelu is another great tool that can be use for listings. Its simple search function allows your potential customers to view all your services quickly online. Yelu is definitely a good way to list your site.

Tips to list well

Listing well means to be successfully accepted by the directory that you are listing at.In the next post, we will be discussing the ways to list well on directories and channels.


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