How To Craft a Compelling Sales Copy

No matter what type of content you create, your content needs to be compelling.

\No matter what form it takes, at the end of the day, an effective and compelling sales copy depends on how the consumer, customer or client can benefit from your product or service.

Let’s begin with the definitions – what is a sales copy and what does it do? Well, for starters, a sales copy is a piece of text that is meant to persuade potential consumers to purchase a product or engage in a service. A sales copy can come in various different forms, from paragraphs to lists to image-based texts.

A sales copy is meant to cast your product in such an attractive and compelling light that your customer or client cannot fathom rejecting it. It is content marketing in its basic form.

Now that we fully understand what a sales copy is, that brings us the real question. How does one craft a compelling sales copy to drive their business ventures forward? Look no further for your answers, for we have compiled a list of the top five ways to create a beautifully compelling sales copy to bump up your revenue. Simply read on to find out!

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Connect With Your Consumers Emotionally

Any businessman or salesperson can easily produce a list of reasons for why any consumer should purchase their product or service. Maybe what they are selling comes at a very affordable price, or maybe the product can help consumers save time by adding convenience to their daily lives. However, while your product may have a multitude of beneficial characteristics and value-adding features, no customer would be convinced to buy it until you have convinced them on an emotional level.

Sure, your product or service may be great, but your consumer has very likely lived all their lives without purchasing what you are selling until the very day you introduce it to them. So what will convince them that they actually do need the product after living without it for so many years?

Simple – connect with your consumers on an emotional level by tapping into their desire for your product or service. Be concise in identifying the problems that they may be facing with their current lifestyle and emphasise how your product or service can solve these problems. You may also want to include and point out the qualities you have that make you superior to your other competitors.

Sometimes, while “what” you sell may be very important, oftentimes, what remains equally, if not more important, is the “who”. Never underestimate how convincing an emotional connection with your potential consumers can be. Who knows, in the future, you might very well inspire a loyal customer base with your actions.

Stay Focused

Needless to say, one of the most (if not, the most) important aspects of your sales copy is how it impacts your customers and clients. Most of the time, customers and clients have a specific point, desire or goal that they will focus on when they want to purchase a product or service. They may have secondary goals they want to fulfil with their purchase, but what remains their top priority is still their primary goals. In line with their desires, the goal of your sales copy should be to focus on your customer’s priorities and satisfy their first and foremost needs.

For instance, a customer wants to buy an electric fan to combat the summer heat. Because Singapore is very warm and humid, they hope that the fan they are looking to purchase will provide extremely strong wind to make the house more cooling. In addition, they prefer a more compact and sleek design so that it will fit into the dimensions of their house and look aesthetically pleasing. In cases like this, the primary goal of the customer is to purchase a fan that provides strong wind, while their secondary goal is a fan that satisfies their aesthetic needs.

Maybe your fan’s horsepower is indeed superior. Maybe the design is fairly sleek and modern too. You can mention all of these, alongside any other beneficial characteristics that your fan product has but focus on the one goal that your customers would prioritise. You can observe your customer base and buyer personas to extrapolate this information from them. This way, not only do you ensure that your product (or service, for that matter) adds value to your customers’ lives, you also avoid bombarding them with excessive information and causing them confusion.

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Be Definite in Your Goals

Goal setting really is the key to success. Having a tangible and clear goal ensures that every step you take in your business ventures brings you one step closer to your dreams and aspirations. In the case of writing a stellar sales copy, having a specific and definite goal ensures that your sales copy fulfils the three golden ‘C’s – to be clear, concise and convincing. Maybe the goal of your sales copy is only to sell a specific product. Maybe your sales copy is meant to sell a luxury product. Or maybe instead of only focusing on one particular item, you actually want to promote a sales bundle.

By setting a specific goal you want to achieve through the writing of your sales copy, things become easier and more actionable! You know exactly what you need to include in your sales copy in order to encourage your audience to purchase what you intend to promote. In being specific when defining your goals, you lower the risk of mixing them up when crafting your sales copies. If possible, each and every sales copy should be marked with precise and clear goal in order for it to be actionable and effective.

Of course, goal setting is not just about the purpose or motivations behind your sales copy. just like any other business, defining your goals based on the number of conversions you want to transpire remains an important goal setting segment. A conversion means that a consumer who visits your website and takes a look at your product or service completes a desired action, such as making a purchase. This way, you will easily be able to test whether your sales copy is churning out effective sales or not!

Be Familiar with Your Target Audience

In relation to Tip Number 1 in this article, which recommends that you should craft your sales copy so that is focuses on the one goal that your customers would prioritise, you should always try your best to familiarize yourself with your target audience. By taking the time to identify, observe and getting to know your potential customers, you will better be able to understand what expectations they hold from your product or service. Live up to those expectations and tap into their desires and goals for the objects you are selling – that way, you will be able to create a compelling sales copy that encourages many conversions.

Here are some key tips that you can adopt when building your understanding of your potential target audience. For starters, you can…

  1. Break down the challenges that your target audience is likely to face
  2. Analyse how they will overcome these challenges
  3. Identify are the goals that your target audience is trying to reach or achieve?
  4. Determine how your product or service can help them!

The general rule of thumb is to be able to link the benefits of your product or service to the challenges that your target audience is facing. If you can include and present this information in your sales copy in a clear and concise manner, your sales will definitely skyrocket and inspire more conversions.

Be Visually Entertaining with Your Words

There seems to be a contradiction in Tip Number 5. After all, how are you able to entertain your audience visually with just words? Well, the answer is simple. Nobody wants to read a boring sales copy that is essentially just a simplistic list of a product’s characteristics. They are likely to lose any shred of interest before even reaching the three-quarter mark of your sales copy. With an unentertaining sales copy, even if your audience does finish reading the entire sales copy, they would probably barely be able to remember what they have just seen – much less take action to buy the product mentioned.

Needless to say, a dry and dour sales copy certainly won’t leave any impact on your target audience. Instead, your sales copy should be convincing, entertaining and evocative. The surest way to achieve this is to paint a picture with your words. Don’t just talk about the benefits of your product. Tell your readers a story that will effectively prove that your product can lighten their worries.

For example, it is indeed true that in Singapore, the air conditioner has become a staple in almost every household. But everyone already knows that. Instead, go beyond these simple statements. Talk about the flaming, scorching heat that plagues all Singaporeans like a second layer of skin, and how amidst this humid and summery island, a new and improved air conditioner is all it takes to solve the problem.

See what a difference it can make? How one can capture your attention while the other is easily forgotten? Make an impact with the words you use in your sales copy.

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Crafting a sales copy is not a particularly challenging task, by any means. Crafting a compelling and interesting one that is effective in generating more sales? Oh, that is one tough nut to crack.

But do not be too disheartened if your sales copy does not prove to be as effective as you have hoped. Your first draft rarely works, so approach it with an open mindset and try and try again. Hopefully, with these five tips in mind, crafting an unforgettable and compelling sales copy will be easily achievable for you.