Creating Breakthroughs to Improve Your Business, Career and Life

Do you desire achieve great prosperity in your business, career and life? The secret to achieving this is highly dependent on your ability create your own breakthroughs!

Instead of purporting the adage, this article would shed light on practical steps you can take to accomplish your personal goals. Now instead of just working harder, the key is working smarter! But how is it really done? Let’s dive right in!

Make Quantum Leaps

The common belief is that success is attained by taking one small step at a time, through daily, gradual gains. This conventional path would only stifle your growth. You would get caught up with working harder and harder for your business when your business or career can work hard for you.

Hence, why take baby steps when you can make quantum leaps? First, change your mindset and tell yourself that there is no room for stagnating. Stop accepting your current business situation as your permanent reality. You can go for major breakthroughs!

How do you expect to be the industry leader if you merely follow the same processes everyone in the industry has been practicing for decades?

Common business strategies utilized in other industries can have a revolutionary impact in an industry where it has never been applied. Search for untapped opportunities and harness your potential to gain an edge over your competitors.

You will be astounded at how easily you adapt other’s successful practices to your own business. From the same amount of resources – time, effort, activity, manpower and capital- you would see radically superior methods that produce drastically better results.

Richard and Maurice MacDonald created the name and concept of the hamburger stand. They sold it to 51-year-old salesman, Ray Kroc, was the catalyst that expanded it into a multi-billion-dollar organization.

How do you achieve Breakthroughs?

Firstly, what would be considered a breakthrough? An unconventional, superior, new, effective, and valuable way of doing. Breakthroughs would deliver the remarkable improvements in every area you make more effective, impactful, or valuable to your client.

Breakthroughs would allow you to convert your offerings into a valued proprietary asset that no one else can offer. Breakthroughs would let you remake the rules to change the business game, to become and remain the dominant leader in your industry.

When you persistently practice a “performance maximizing” philosophy with continual breakthroughs, your previous business problems would disappear.

Best of all, leadership is a natural by-product of creating breakthroughs. Those who innovate and produce breakthroughs lead command more business. Furthermore, they receive greater respect and trust.

The Possibilities With Breakthroughs

With breakthroughs you can lower your risk, while increasing your potential payoff. This unequivocally leads to you reinventing a better future for you and your business.

This requires you to adopt an opportunistic mindset, whereby you look at industries within and beyond your business and continually ask yourself “what are the huge, overlooked opportunities that I can take advantage of?”

This “possibility-based” mindset would allow you to find new, unique, productive ways to solve achieve your goals. Where others see problems, roadblocks, and dead ends, you would be leveraging on the impact of different situations and riding on new possibilities.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not require the IQ or vast amounts of wealth that Bill Gates or Donald Trump have in order to achieve major breakthroughs. You just require common sense and a “superlogical” degree of open-mindedness.

Breakthroughs Aren’t Exclusive to companies

In essence, major breakthroughs are just new ways of doing something. It does not necessarily mean something new to the world, because even applying old methods to new things or old ways to new markets are considered breakthroughs. An example would be capitalizing on unintentional side effects of certain products.

A study found that out of 61 breakthrough inventions, only 16 were discovered in big companies. The dial telephone was discovered by an undertaker, and the ballpoint pen was invented by a sculptor. The best ideas come from people just like you.

Be Ready to Achieve Your Breakthroughs

You just need to be observant and continuously on the “lookout” for new and improved ways of improving your business performance by capitalizing on what the rest view as a limiting factor.

Clarence Birdseye realised that when thawed, frozen fish tasted almost as good as if it were eaten freshly caught. He went on to create Birdseye, which pioneered the quick-freezing process to produce delicious frozen foods. This spawned a multibillion-dollar industry.

Always keep a steady flow of information that connects you to successful, breakthrough developments and achievements. Set a reminder to attend trade shows, networking conferences or subscribe to Forbes, Technology Today, CNA Business, etc.

This would allow you to keep abreast on new technologies, perspectives, trends, innovative methods, and start acting on them in a timely manner. “Observed validation” is vital to encourage, propel and maintain your business breakthrough efforts.

Examine ideas, industries, procedures, markets, and people beyond your usual sphere of business and life. Fresh insights come from the most unexpected places, so start developing a genuine fascination for how things are done outside of your business and try to understand the principles behind them.

You would start making unprecedented connections between different perspectives, ideas and ways of working. Always try to learn how to gain the maximum results from everything you set your mind on doing, while minimizing the time, expense, effort and risk. The most productive use of your resources would lead to maximizing your results!

Your actionable task

  1. Think about all the areas of your business or career that you have been stuck utilizing the conventional approach.
  2. Breakdown all these activities into sub-activities.
  3. Then list down possible unnoticed opportunities that could be fresh opportunities for you to do each activity differently.
  4. List down sources of information to attain other industry’s best practices – be it portals, news applications, podcasts, newsletters or conferences
  5. Put an asterisk on your best and easiest breakthrough opportunities.
  6. Brainstorm for 30 minutes on 30 breakthrough ideas for 30 different areas of your business or career.
  7. Now identify 20 overlooked opportunities in your business or career
  8. Think of 10 possibilities you could test to try for a breakthrough.
  9. List out breakthroughs that other industries have successfully accomplished.
  10. Lastly, apply this mindset to every strategy and process you implement from now onwards.