Email Marketing For Businesses (Specifically For Food And Beverage (F&B) Companies) In Singapore

Email Marketing (EM)

Email marketing used to work very well in the past years, with majority of the people primarily communicating online via email. In these times, businesses used to “strike gold” if they manage to get hold of a list of high potential customers, be it through purchasing, renting or asking partners for this list of customers.

Through the years, email marketing has become less effective for businesses simply because we are getting bombarded by so many emails and messages a day — there is simply too much spam by businesses to get the customers attention.

Through the years, email service providers like GetResponse, Infusionsoft and MailChimp has stepped up to ensure a higher quality email marketing practice is being used.

As such they introduced a two-step process, of which an email confirmation is needed even after they have typed in their email to register on your mailing list.

In other words, a verification is needed after you have typed in your email and agreeing to join their mailing list.  Besides this, they implemented strict filters and greatly reduce spam mails, and a lot of strict measures in place.

Such methods have greatly helped in clearing up the messy email situation we had years ago, one with viruses and millions of spam emails sent daily.

In that case, how can business especially food and beverage (F&B) and retail businesses harness the power of email marketing  for their business?

How Email Marketing Can Help In Your Business

Let’s examine the following:Email marketing has been used by most B2C multi-national corporations for customer relationship management (CRM) purposes.

Email marketing can be used as a special CRM tool for your business. By having constant contact with your clients, you have the ability to do a few things

1) Maintain top of mind awareness

Businesses can focus on email marketing to maintain top of mind awareness. Marketing ideas such as giving customers promotions during non-peak periods can enhance the use of your facilities (such as restaurants and cafe) and provide more opportunity to interact with your clients when they come by.

By conditioning your clients to come back regularly for a meal, your business can strike deep relationship with the customers, maintaining top of mind awareness with these customers.

2) Re-active non-active customers to do business with you

Every once in a while, customers with a buying relationship stops buying for various reasons.

One reason could be their circumstance render your product or service useless or less helpful in their lives after some time. Another is that they simply forgot about the buying relationship.

Instead of letting customers stop buying from you, you can stop the attrition rate by sending them an e-mail with a welcome gift to reignite the buying pattern.

Special in-house events, preferential pricing and vouchers can be given specially for clients to come back buying from you again, reigniting old customer relationships and start the buying process again.

More on that in our future articles on Strategy of Preeminence — the art of deepening customer relationships and sustain the most successful businesses.

3) Stimulate sales during off-peak hours and months

By giving the customers a reason to come back again frequenting your business, one aspect is to tell them a reason why and communicate via email.

If could be that you miss them and want to give them a special discount just by dropping by. Or, you hope they could introduce their friends to the great food you have and you give a 1-for-1 to the clients. The idea is limitless.

Point is, your business (retail outlets, restaurants, cafe) are sunk costs and it will be better off if the customers come by your business during lull periods.

This way, you can fully utilise your space and costs and strike a deep customer relationship.

4) Gathering database

Another way is that email marketing can help you get a strong database. Having a list of customers or prospect has always been gold, and one way is to build your own list.

Having an email marketing campaign in place allows you to do exactly that –giving the customers a reason to keep in contact with you. This way, by growing your database and slowing attrition rate by letting them engaging your business on a regular basis, your business cannot help but to grow substantially.


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