How to Get Unstuck from Not Selling Enough

Are you stuck not selling enough?

There could be many reasons you are not selling enough.

When you are stuck in a situation where you are not selling enough, it’s important to change the game as fast as you can. Most of the time, people fail to sell enough because they are unaware of how to sell their products or services efficiently.

However, there are many ways to do so.

Based on what you are selling, who you are selling to and how you are currently selling it, you should first gauge the best way to reach your consumers and then persuade them to purchase from you.

Change is key when it comes to selling more.

Change is the only constant. Doing things differently might scare you.

But it is time to let it scare you in the right way. Be pleasantly surprised by the rewards of change, rather than remain in utter dismay or confusion.

Why Am I Not Making Any Sales?

The buying process is simple. It goes something like this:

  • First, the customer has seen ads about you, or hear from friends recommending about your business, or they come searching for you because they have a particular problem, and you happen to appear when they search for solutions (like Google ads or SEO or website).
  • Secondly, they check you out and find you to be someone who can solve the issue for them, and trust you enough to believe you can solve their issues.
  • Lastly, they are sold by you, your team or any of your closing channels. They then either buy from you face to face or through any of your distribution or selling channels.

Any of the three parts, if optimised, or when more options are being created, will yield you more leads and ultimately sales. The reason you are stuck selling not enough is due to some of the above process is broken or not optimised.

Solution #1: Rapidly Expanding Your Presence – Increase Number of Marketing Channels

In this day and age, it is important for companies to have an online presence.

A strong online presence allows you to build your brand and gain the credibility in the digital world. It makes your business easier to be found and allows your customer to find out more about you and your company, to understand what you have to offer.

Small improvements in many areas can lead to large improvements in results. This is known as the Parthenon principle.

You want to be able to build a strong foundation of revnue streams while attaching your company to multiple favourable positions to remain relevant. This is how you can keep your business robust in today’s fast-paced, dynamic world.

Industries can be disrupted and platforms can be rendered ineffective at a moment’s notice. But by building strong foundations and ‘pillars’ of your business, you get to leverage your business’ growth through multiple avenues and digital marketing channels.

And it all starts with an online presence.


Digital dominance has made it necessary for companies to have a website to remain relevant and competitive. Most people rely on the internet to search for products and services that they need. Information is always readily available at everyone’s fingertips.

Any online business that does not have an optimised website risk losing prospects and business opportunities.

The internet is always available around the clock. It acts as an online store that requires zero active manpower to function. If you operate in the retail industry, having a 24/7 accessible online store mean that customers can comfortably shop at their convenience. The internet also gives you a wider range of audience that includes people beyond your proximity. It exposes your businesses to more opportunities and the potential to operate and scale on an international level. That is assuming, of course, that your website is optimised for search engines.

The internet is an unparalleled source for business leads. You have the option of hiring professionals who can help you establish the foundations for your online presence, based on their experience and knowledge of external factors, algorithms and search engine codes. Alternatively, if you have the time and resources available, you should start creating a website yourself.

However, having a website is merely one aspect of having an online presence.

Social Media Presence

Social media has the potential to build brand awareness by curating and sharing your own unique content.

Social-based marketing have been a growing channel for brands to publicise their products and/or services. Social media promotes content. By sharing content, you make it easier for people to notice, find and understand your brand and product.

Aesthetic products easily find their home on Instagram, whereas content remains easily uploadable and shareable through platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok. Even Twitter has become a home for short text-based news and updates.

SGHomeNeeds logo Facebook

In short, any form of user-generated content, can be leveraged upon to attract a digital following.

However, to obtain high-quality leads from your social media following, you would require a disciplined social media strategy to guide your actions and measure your success in your marketing campaigns.

To do so, you might consider hiring a social media expert to create & upload content to attract leads. Infographics are easy to share but time-consuming and tedious to create.

There are also other social media marketing strategies that you can explore, including paid ads, giveaways, competitions and collaborations.

Content Marketing

What is meant by content marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing approach centred around distributing created content through various channels. These channels may come in the form of podcasts, videos, blog articles and even e-books or printed material. Content marketing exists to retain your reader’s interest and attention in your brand and product. To do so, your content needs to be engaging, insightful and relevant to your readers.

While it can be an uphill task, content marketing is rewarding as a source of inbound lead generation. It is a valuable asset which you can leverage upon to attract clients to your website, giving you more leads to try converting.

Think about it:

If you have a unique piece of valuable content, either by your own market research, or by through your own findings, where else can interested readers go to find more of such content?

Nowhere else, since it is a piece of information that is unique and only created by you.

Unique content can be hard to come by. However, it is not to say that any type of content will definitely garner viral attention. Writers should do their due diligence and market research to find out what readers are interested in.

Alternatively, you can always hire an external party to do the content creation and marketing for you.

Here at The Leading Solution, we aim to develop your content pillars with quality content, to help you increase your web presence and organic traffic.

Digital Funnel

A proper digital marketing framework will be able to efficiently move your clients down your business pipeline. From attracting a lead, landing a connection, closing a deal, and to reselling to your old customers, a systematic strategy can help you maximise your business output.

Hence, it will be efficient for all your digital marketing campaigns to be handled under a single umbrella and control system. While campaigns can be run parallel alongside each other, it could save you more time and trouble when you have a centralised digital marketing strategy and team.

If it is too overwhelming for your team to handle, consider outsourcing your digital marketing needs. Here at The Leading Solution, we offer you a myriad of digital marketing channels and services. From copywriting to search engine optimisation, we are certain that we can meet your digital marketing needs.

Solution #2: Change Your Offer – Bonuses, Bundles, Guarantees

If you are really concerned about your business not selling enough, then you need to try and offer more if you can. Apart from offering more value, offer more tangible services or products.


Look into what additional bonuses you can give your customers and explore other additional add-on services you can provide. If you are able to do this then you can easily pull ahead, and you can also give your customers way more value too.

Little things like this can really make a difference and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to really appeal to your customers much more.


Telco companies bundle cell phones along with contracts to make their promotions more enticing to purchase. McDonald’s include toys in Happy Meals to tempt kids to purchase them, while also enjoying the fast-food chain’s signature burgers and fries.


A common strategy is for companies to offer clients a guarantee of a cashback if they are not satisfied with your product. While this will eat into your profits in the short run, you get to find out more about why your customers are unsatisfied. This will help put your ear closer to the ground and allow you to hear what your customers have to say.

Solution #3: Change the Way You Advertise

When you are stuck more change is required of you.

Advertising is more than about generating prospect or sales. Most advertising methods do not have a reliable way of measuring the success of their ad campaigns. Instead, many adopt a ‘pump and wait’ rule where they just spend and pay on advertisements and wait for the leads to roll in.

Sadly, in the real world, it seldom works like that, especially for younger companies.

Focus of Advertisements

Advertising has to shift to focus on the audience members and offer them a benefit or reason to engage you. They have to obtain a certain level of value from you. Your product could add value to their life, or your services may be able to help them solve a certain problem.

Either way, you want to be able to hone in on the potent variable that very few businesses can capitalise upon.

Shift the focus of your advertisements and ad copy to your audience members. You need to be able to meet the needs of the market.

Guide your audience to immediate and direct actions. In short, an actionable suggestion or guide.

Advertisement is responsible as your main driver of sales. Small changes can go a long way in achieving what you want.

Actionable Changes

  • Headlines
  • Propositions
  • Proof/Credibility
  • Risk Reversal
  • Call To Action
  • Bonus
  • Summary

Solution #4: Change the Way You Sell – Value-added Selling

If you are finding difficulty selling the product, maybe the problem does not lie in the product itself, but in how you sell. No matter which industry you exist in, your salesperson is responsible for selling your product and/or service.

They need to sell it well.

Most businesses opt to have a sales team, while some modern small companies believe in the value of brand reps and have hired social media influencers with a strong following to leverage on their online presence.

However, if you have any salesperson employed in any capacity, it could be effective to ask them to have proper training in consultative selling.

Consulative Selling

Consultative selling is a sales approach that prioritises relationships with your customers. Open dialogue is used to identify and provide solutions to a customer’s needs. The selling strategy is focused on the customer, rather than the product being sold. This is a common practice in many consulting-related industries.

Consultative selling emphasises the needs of the client, as well as how your service or product can meet those needs and beyond. It is meant to help you provide more value for your client instead of only offering surface value.

Through this method, your sales team won’t just be selling a product or service that the clients may or may not need. Instead, they become consultants who will identify your clients’ needs and provide an effective solution. To the clients, you stop being a business and start becoming a trustworthy advisor.

It helps sales professionals position differentiated, compelling solutions. The true intent of consultative sales is to provide value, in the form of solutions. You seek to understand your client’s problems and provide a solution.

The solution you provide must fairly remedy the pain or problem that your prospective buyer has.

And if the problem itself is easily solved by your product – bonus points.

Problem Solvers

However, it is important to note that consultative selling extends to every team member who shares contact with your clients – this includes the receptionist, service team and your other employees. Each employee in your team becomes an extension of your brand and business and they will go on to determine your reputation in the industry as well as the public eye.

Help your clients solve their problems. This amount of value will be rewarded in the long run and be used to build a better company-client bond.

It is a long-term strategy that can lead to better sale numbers.

Solution #5: Change the Game – Innovation vs Optimisation

Most businesses never stopped to ponder, is the approach I am using to generate my sales and remove the best way to do so?

Is it able to sustain my business anywhere I go?

Many people are like Tim. They are satisfied with the results and end up losing out to the competition.

Why wouldn’t they be? You are getting a profit. You are seeing green and making a turnover for your product.

But just because something is earning you money does not mean it is doing perfectly fine. It could be doing well, but it could be doing even better.

And that’s optimisation in a nutshell.


The story of Larry walking away with more money in the industry not an uncommon one, but it is a sign of how innovation can keep you in the game and help you win the game.

Optimisation means taking an existing system and making the best out of it. Like Tim’s example, his copywriting strategy has brought him sufficient sales to clear his advertisement cost and generate income from that initial investment. That’s optimisation.

Larry, however, opted to do things differently by introducing a cashback guarantee along with a customer service benefit with his extravagant packaging. He even writes a handwritten note just to add a sense of human touch for his customers.

Instead of choosing to optimise his sales by competitions in advertisements, he sought to differentiate his product and brand from his competitors. That’s innovation, that’s marketing.

When you work with the Leading Solution team, we will first break down our digital marketing strategy into two parts:

  • Optimisation
  • Innovation

Optimisation is about changing what you and your company are doing right now, into something better and more efficient. With our website audit services, we help you to identify the areas of your business framework and website which can be further optimised.

This can be done via Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click Ads. Building your multiple digital marketing pillars is crucial for your website. It helps you keep up with the competition by attracting, keeping and converting your potential leads.


However, you need multiple pillars of marketing. Relying purely on optimisation is not enough. You need an innovative twist to your business strategy.

Think of innovation as a method of disruption. Disrupting your industry could reward you with unparalleled results and exponential growth.

To keep up and surpass your competition, you need innovative strategies and campaigns, which can be carried out through channels such as email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. When it comes to innovation, your marketing strategy is important. You need a good marketing strategy to give you enough leverage to jump ahead, in front of your competitors. We can help you with that, developing your marketing strategy.

Solution #6: Change the Questions You Ask

Many would point towards their business ecosystem when there is a problem with their sales and numbers?

What is wrong? Am I not selling enough? Why have sales dipped? Are we in the red this month? Why is my business volume so erratic?

The problem seldom lies with the result. Or rather, the results are usually just a symptom. To find out the problem, we have to investigate our resources. And for all businesses alike, time and money are both equally important and limited resources.

When running a business, aim to invest in the long term.

Long-Term Thinking

Recall the story of Tim and Larry, whereby the latter is a textbook example of investing in the long term.

You need long-term thinking and long-term strategies. Have an endgame or a next stage ready.

If you are a dentist, think about how to sell your clients on a periodic basis. Bring in the latest technology and product in the dentistry industry. Move your clients down the pipeline of your business setup and keep them as recurring customers.

If you are an accountant, aim to engage your client on a personal level. B2b marketing is competitive. Most firms Google for professional services. Aim to win the digital landscape competition through search engine optimisation. This saves you time and energy from going after clients. Instead, you wait to appear in front of their google searches.

If you are a retail manager, start thinking of how to keep your customers returning for more. Strategies need to consider the long-term value of a customer and learn how to leverage upon that.

Strategy is key to winning the marathon.

Remember, it is a marathon, not a race.

Go far, rather than fast.

Solution #7: Leverage Your Assets

Most sales are made with storytelling, metaphors, and analogies that are made with Powerpoint decks. The best presentations do not involve a laptop or tablet. They harness the passion for the people the solution will benefit.

Salespeople need human values, especially empathy.

To sell, you need leverage.

What Does It Mean to Leverage?

Leverage allows you to propel yourself in your intended direction of progression. It can help you to get things done faster, better and allow you to free up your time and resources to pursue other ventures, simulteanously.

Leveraging is a skill that business owners will need to familiarise with. There are many ways to leverage, but it all comes down to knowing which assets you can tap into, and how to tap into those resources.

Leverage Your Financial Capital

When it comes to leverage, many will think about financial capital leverage. You take on more debt to venture on an idea. You fundraise to gather money to expand. You place collateral in exchange for more cash flow.

Growth can always be funded by financial means. It helps kickstart the growth of your company saves you time. However, not every company can afford utilising this form of resource. Worse yet, some companies might be over-relying on it, leading to poorer business margins. The costs might be ruining your profit margins.

The key, as always, is optimisation. You need to get the most value out of every dollar you spend. Focus more on the value, than the cost of your purcahses and investment. Does this help in my employee’s productivity? Does this help me save money and/or time in the future?

Leverage Your Relationship Capital

Leveraging on your relationship capital means utilising your immediate network of associates and acquaintances. If someone can bring something new and valuable to the table, it is a partnership worth considering.

You may choose to collaborate on an ad-hoc marketing campaign project-basis or a long-term yearly basis. Ultimately, a partnership is about tapping into each other’s resources and assets.

  • You may end up having more referrals and building up your referral program and network. This can lead you to extend your reach towards your individual client’s social network. Referrals. Having a referral program to leverage your client’s social network.
  • Joint ventures partnerships can also give both parties a win-win.
  • Combine your services and product to provide your customers with a one-stop-shop solution to all their problems.

Leverage Other’s Time and Expertise

In situations which are possible, consider to pass the task or outsource it to someone that is more skilled and experienced.

Designing work can be done by freelance designers, rather than tasking an intern or employee to fumble through the training wheels to get a hang of it.

Company social events can also be hosted by vendors, allowing your staff to not be burdened by the logistical issues of organising an event.

Marketing campaigns are best left to an external unbiased party, which can have a bird’s eye view of your industry and company’s marketing strategy. While it may be costlier in terms of financial resources, you will end up saving more time than you would have otherwise spent on the task.

Again, it is about optimising (your time).

Digital marketing agencies can access the situation and finalise a strategy coherently, based on experience and market research. They can better advise companies on which marketing channels to prioritise, which to forgo.

SEO efforts also take time to show, with campaigns that can span through months, as time is needed for both research and implementation. Consider hiring us as your digital marketing agency. We have an established portfolio that shows how we help our clients secure more leads and better revenue.

Solution #8: Change Your Message

You have adopted consultative sales, changed up your advertising, chosen a brand-new headline and have hundreds of visits to your website every day. Yet, when you check your sales results, you realise that you are still not selling enough. Why is that so?

Correct Your Assumptions

A common mistake is making the wrong assumptions. Just because you receive thousands of hits on your website does not mean you will be making as much in sales. It is more important to convert your current website visits to actual transactions. Oftentimes, businesses fall short when their brand message is not appealing enough and the value, they provide is not special or sufficiently unique.

The message of your business encompasses all its other components, whether it’s the advertising, sales method or headlines. It is the feeling that potential customers have after they have interacted with your business and it is what appeals to potential business partners for future collaborations.

Your business message should be derived from what you wish to achieve. What do you want to offer to the industry and what are you able to offer? Make that offer as logical, attractive and clear-cut as possible.

Dissect the problem in a straightforward and concise way so that any logical person would sit down and listen to what you have to say instead of leaving in confusion. Show your clients that you can empathise with their problems and situations – this helps to create a strong and trustworthy bond.

Match Your Customer’s Mindset

Your message should match with the consumer’s mindset and you should be able to display a better understanding than your competitors.

When you get to interact with your clients, offer them something that is truly valuable and will leave a deep impression on them.

Make changes to it, and it can drastically increase your organic traffic for your business. Potential customers should be able to swiftly and easily discern your business identity, the products or service you provide, as well as the benefits they can gain from picking you over your competitors.

Business is more than a door-to-door salesperson. It’s about understanding what matters to your customers and offering a valuable product or service as a solution. It focuses on understanding your client’s thoughts and the needs of the market so that you can provide them with the solution. You should demonstrate a clear understanding of your consumers’ needs as well as how your service or product can act as a solution.

Build Your Unique Selling Proposition

In possessing a selling proposition that is unique to you, you can become the most trusted solution and advisor on the market. Standing out from your competitors is more challenging nowadays. Being unique is no longer sufficient, your business also has to be crucial, important and irreplaceable.

To achieve this, firstly, set up the buying criteria for your market and secondly, show how your business, product or service is the best solution available on the market. Find out what it is that your market truly needs and wants, then demonstrate how your business can provide the best answer to it.

Take note of your own needs and wants. After all, even as you try to stand out from your competitors, you would like to be needed as both a person as well as a business.

Make your message clear – that you are the sole solution for their needs – and your sales will definitely increase.

Change is the Name of the Game

In a bad market, you can tap into 10-15% of your competitor’s business, 15-25% of the newcomers in the industry, and even reach out to 20-30% more potential customers? In times like this, change can lead to exponential growth.

Change can be hard to grasp, so it is important to know how to manage the diverse nature of a dynamic business.

Breakthroughs come by open-mindedness, including curiosity. Don’t be hardened in your positions.

Your breakthrough might come in the ensuing moments, after a few innovative changes and a killer strategy.

Allow us to help you in your company’s growth and bring your increased profits through our customised digital marketing services.

Let’s Change. Get unstuck.