How To Not Do Everything by Yourself?

What is your struggle?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you overthinking?

Are you feeling stuck, unable to move on even though you should, you have to, but you simply cannot find a way to?

But what if being stuck isn’t the problem, but how we perceive it?

What if we are not drowning because the water levels of anxiety are rising, but simply because we are sinking we are sinking?

What if, we are being stuck because we take on too much of the responsibilities ourselves, while trying to do everything by ourselves?

You Need To Do Things The Right Way

Whether you are beating yourself up over a mistake you made yesterday, or you’re fretting about how you’re going to succeed tomorrow, over-thinking can plague you with distressing thoughts. The inability to get out of you own head can leave you in a state of constant anguish.

While everyone over-thinks things once in a while, some people just can’t ever seem to quiet the constant barrage of thoughts. Their inner monologue includes two destructive thought patterns — ruminating and worrying.

As business owners, that’s a price that you may not be able to afford.

Being independent is a good thing, but not all things can be achieved single-handedly, and definitely not by your own pair of hands. You may find yourself faced with a never-ending to-do list. Time never seems to be enough.

Because you are doing things wrongly.

You Need a Team

At heart, entrepreneurship is about leveraging people, assets, capital and efforts. It is about getting people what they want, so that they will help you get what you want too.

Managing Your Employees Well

The toughest part about entrepreneurism is actually the part about letting control. Many leaders find themselves in a ‘control freak’ mode, insisting of perfecting and doing everything themselves. This lead to inefficiencies and micro-management. If that’s a norm in your business, it is a poisonous trait that may cause your business to be affected.

With that level of handholding and management, your business will not be able to experience the geometric growth that you are hoping for. Failing to leverage means condemning your business to a lifetime of stagnation, as your employees and team lack the experience to climb to the same capability level as you do.

As you pull the metaphorical cart of employees alongside you on this journey, the cart will weigh heavier and heavier, as time passes and more employees are onboard your company. With no one new to shoulder the burden with you, you get easily tired and worn down.

Sooner or later, it will not be your pulling the cart forward, but the cart pulling you back or keeping you stagnated.

Learning to Leverage

Entrepreneurs are stereotypically control freaks by default. The secret to improvement is the realisation that ultimate control exists by shifting into the role of a benevolent puppeteer. You aim to not be the clown, nor the trapeze artist, magician nor the daredevil performing eye bewildering stunts. You aim to be the orchestrator, having a lion’s share of money instead of sharing a cage with the circus lion.

This gives you time to and opportunities to be in a position where you can think strategically, by shifting control away and taking time away from the spotlight.

To move forward, to grow and improve, as a company or individual, you need push and pull factors. You need your team to push you from behind (collaboration) or a vehicle to transport you for easier traction. (innovation)

This is what you need to get unstuck.

You Need Good Fundamentals

Fundamentals play an important role in business.

It is your foundation, it is the flooring of your business model. And with the base floor, you need good supporting pillars to bring your business to higher levels.

Each level is built upon the previous, like an office building or residential block. Here at The Leading Solution, we like to talk about the Parthenon, the greek infrastructure that shares many similar aspects with the belief we share about digital marketing.

Minor changes leads to major impact.

For that to happen, you need multiple pillars to support your business. In the digital marketing realm, this means creating sturdy and reliable channels to receive your clients and leads.

You Need To Progress

Apart from getting unstuck, apart from finding your footing, you need to progress forward.

More than that you need to venture.

Apart from getting unstuck, you also have to progress forward.

You can do a number of things to get yourself unstuck, but you have to weigh your options, look at your road map for you to be sure on how to get back onto the road. If not, even if you are unstuck, you will remain lost and stagnant.

Master the Power of Joint-Ventures

And as we have mentioned before, progression is not a single individual’s journey.

You need to embark on joint ventures.

Arrive with a proposition to your prospective partner. Arm yourself with knowledge and do not make any promises you cannot keep. Understand where you are lacking and try to win them over to your side. Instead of simply exposing the flaws that your business may have, seek to invlude them as the solution to your flaws and shortcomings.

Take the assumptive role.

Shape your offer in a way that they cannot refuse. The secret to success in this aspect is empathising.

Redouble your efforts.

Seek to understand what your prospective part is concerned about:

  • Am I not transparent enough?
  • What’s the catch for him??
  • What do I know that he does not?

To seal a deal, eliminate risk. Establish a win-win agreement.

Form Strategies Partnerships

A good starting point is to know the areas you are lacking in. The next best step is to find the best person for each of those aspects, and then figure out the best way to enlist their participation.

Be it a recruitment, a joint venture, trading a product/service, it is important to involve such assets in your journey and setup.

Combined results of pooled expertise, resources, and shared access will make a business thrive far beyond its competitors. It is the type of unpurchaseable advantage that can expand a business fast and sustain it for the long term.

Collaborative relationships can help compensate for the lack of capital, resources and even time. 

Look for oppurtunites for collaboration to increase your reach and better your digital presence.

For example, on SGHomeNeeds, a home improvement platform, merchants can collaborate with us to create a listing and enjoy free leads. The platform allows individuals to connect with thousands of best-reviewed and reliable companies that suits your budget and needs.

Being in that eco-system allows you to position yourself better for oppurtunity and leads.

In your vertical and industry, it helps to seek out oppurtunities like these.

You Need To Pace Yourself

Growing fast is a good thing. Growing faster than you should be is not.

“We have to hire more people to ensure a better workflow.”

“With more salesperson, we can get more sales.”

Many companies fail to account for the minor intricacies of having more people under you. With each new worker and staff, you introduce a new dynamic into your workplace. On paper, on theory, it sounds good to have more people bringing in more business, leads, or sales for your company. However, more employees also mean that you have more people to take care of. Employee benefits will be a heftier burden, and it should not be neglected or rescinded.

After all, you will also have to manage your employees’ morale and motivation level.

If you are unprepared, more employees will usually mean more trouble for you.

Instead of trying to increase output by hiring more people, seek to  invest in high upside-leveraging performance training. Train your current workers to be better. Build them up from zero and train them. Grow their skillset and give them more experience to build their loyalty. Once again, it is the optimisation vs innovation debate again.

As business owners or entrepreneur, you should steer your employees’ loyalty towards your vision and goal, rather than your company.

There are many pros and cons to hiring an employee. But more often than not, especially if it is an ad-hoc project, some jobs are better left to an outsourced firm or team.

You Need to Delegate

Life is complex. There are so many layers to every industry. And none of us can be an expert in every single area. It is simply not realistic, and we weren’t meant to be that.

Instead, you can consider seeking guidance and help in the form of outsourcing or recruiting. Having a professional firm handle your tasks can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on the problems at hand that really require your attention.

Fight life’s fires strategically.

You do not have to do it yourself.

Delegate your workload. Hire help. It will pay off in the long run.