Off-page SEO Strategies (Part II)

off-page SEO strategies IIThis is part II of Off-page SEO strategies i.e. efforts done to increase the rank of a web page by factors not governed by the page itself. As mentioned in our previous article, strategies include building high PR backlinks and getting SEO link juice flow back to your site.

These off-page factors are significant in helping rank a page in Google for a particular word or term. In fact, majority of the SEO juice to any webpage is from off-link strategies.

SEO strategies are confusing enough for most SME business owners worldwide, even more so for off-page SEO strategies. We will now cover the final 4 off-page SEO strategies you can use to implement immediately to your site.

Off-Page SEO Strategies

The 4 fundamental SEO strategy and tactics we are covering in part 2 are as follow:

  1. Blogging to attract links
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Forum postings
  4. Business listing

Find out more from our previous article Off-Page SEO Strategies (Part I).

1) Blogging to attract links

One of the most effective ways of creating expert status and authority figure in your industry is through your blogs. When you create informational and valuable content through blogging, you can submit your informational blog to different directories and social platforms to attract more readers.

Social platforms and informational sites will be quick to pick up good content that will benefit their readers and drive their links to your site automatically. One of the advantages of blog is that you have the freedom to post and have readers share via social media.

Therefore, this goes back to a tip mentioned in our on-page SEO optimisation article — to create content which is readable by human and beneficial to the readers, and not content just for SEO. Over time, it will benefit your site more than focusing just on content focusing mainly on SEO.

2) Blog Commenting 

One of the easiest and most effective off page SEO techniques is to comment on others’ blogs. A quick Google search can help you find relevant blogs or forums related to your industry where you can showcase your expertise.

Say you are in a software industry, you should choose blogs that talk about software and anything related, and choose a widely read topic to make your comments.

Usually, such sites allow users to create their own profile and this profile is where you can add relevant links to. When you provide any expert advice or valuable answers to the questions in the forums or blogs, you will find visitors trusting you and visiting your site through the link you had added with the comment on blogs.

3) Forum Posting 

Being actively involve in forums related to your niche or in forums your target customers appear in allows your presence to be felt and allows you to create greater brand awareness.

Main benefit of this greater presence is that it draws traffic to your site (be it through backlinks to blogs or home page), and it ultimately tells Google that your site has what the people are looking for. This increases your relevance and thus page and site authority.

Forums offer a platform for communication, and showcase of expertise and authority in a particularly niche as forums more often than not educate the viewers. This method has been one of the surest way to draw in the right traffic as well as ideal customers.

However, market research is key to appearing in the right forums and getting in front of the right audience. Find out more instructions on market research in our blogs.

4) Business Listings

As defined by Moz, the core work of any local search marketing campaign is the creation of local business listings. A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, and other details.

There are many websites and directories where local business owners are allowed to create free business listings. Some you may already have heard about include Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Places, Internet Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Local.

Business Directories

Business Directories

Local listings help you become visible on the web, with each listing giving you traffic from their various directories. Each new listing you create increases your chance of being found by customers. At the same time, many of the local business indexes share data with each other.

Hence, the more places you are listed and the more visible you are, the more these indexes trust the accuracy of your business data and this increases your chance of ranking well in local searches.

For beginners, the 9 off-page SEO factors we have touched on can accelerate your journey to the top spot in search engine pages. In order to cover off-page tactics and give you new insights, we will constantly add tips and advice for your own off-page SEO tactics.

Check out our blog for more tips on on-page and off-page strategies.Find out more from our previous article Off-Page SEO Strategies (Part I).


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