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Important On-Page SEO Ranking Factors (Part I)

With the many factors that search engines are looking for,Recent updates in SEO, particularly Google Penguin, Google Panda and Google Humming bird updates, have changed the rules of SEO quite dramatically.

Many old practices are no longer relevant; some are even turned into black hat SEO practices. As such, it is crucial we examine the on-page SEO techniques Google now uses to access a page’s SEO score.

We have broken the on-page SEO down into 6 critical factors that search engines have strong emphasis on. They consist of the following:

  • Quality content
  • Fast loading page
  • Internal linking from other pages on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Time a visitor spend on your page/site
  • Number of pages/sites visited

Quality content

Quality content is a complex topic which requires more in-depth discussion, but here are 4 points I would like to discuss briefly regarding quality content:

Creating information rich sites

Google loves useful, informative and rich sites which benefit the readers. Importantly, they are looking for sites which engage their audience, and this can be measured using bounce rates and the time an average user had spent on the site.

Simply put it, create pages that have useful and captivating content beneficial for your target audience so that you can retain them in your site. Example of quality content can be “how to” articles which teach customers specific benefits or knowledge which they can apply to and enhance their lives.

Avoid automatically generated content

Very often, such automatically generated content is not SEO-optimised for your business and may in the long-run deviate your SEO strategy away from your target audience.

Avoid pages with little to no original content. 

Google can easily detect duplicated sites and may penalise your specific page in terms of SEO for black hat practices. Recent studies have shown that despite changing the words or structure of a particular article, Google is still able to detect the duplicated content to a certain extent – something which we should avoid.

You should generate your own content, information and knowledge to establish yourself as an authority of your industry while following closely with Google’s SEO guidelines.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Since the recent updates, Google has been placing lesser emphasis on individual keywords and more emphasis on search terms. Search terms, specifically, are a few words that hint to Google what your business is about.

We will explain more about search terms in a separate blog. For now, do note that keyword stuffing may not help a site to rank better for a particular keyword – instead, use search terms and competitor analysis to know how other sites are ranking 1st for the particular search term your target audience is searching for.

Keyword stuffing can be considered as a black hat practice now, so if you are still practising, it’s time to change your SEO practice to a more white-hat method.Check out our content marketing services which are in compliant with Google guidelines and SEO practices.

Fast loading page

Google ranks loading factor as one of the key components for a page’s SEO. No one likes a slow loading website, and this may lead to increase in bounce rates and fewer visitor engagements. These statistics point to Google that visitors are unhappy, and without a doubt, this will negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Internal linking from other pages on site

Google loves sites with a good internal linking system – it shows how well organised the site is and how easy it is for visitors to navigate around the web. This enhances user experience and as such, Google will prefer your page over others that are difficult to navigate around as a result of a bad internal linking structure.Whilst on-page SEO factors are important, keep in mind that there are also off-page SEO techniques, which play an equally, if not, more important role than on-page SEO factors.


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