Important On-Page SEO Ranking Factors (Part II)

By Elon Law | September 26 2016
Important On-Page SEO Ranking Factors (Part II)

Continuing from our part I, let’s examine the other critical factors of on-page optimisation.

As a recap, we have clearly identified 6 on-page SEO factors which may affect a company’s site ranking in Google. Getting these on-page information right is crucial in helping companies rank correctly on search engines, and address their target audience’s needs and problems.

Let’s recap these 6 factors:

  • Quality content
  • Fast loading page
  • Internal linking from other pages on site
  • Bounce rates
  • Time a visitor spend on your page/site
  • Number of pages/sites visited

Bounce rates

Bounce rate is another key metric you must monitor to avoid getting blacklisted by Google. If a site’s bounce rate is high, chances are the page isn’t delivering the result searchers are looking for in Google. Google probably deems a high bounce rate site as irrelevant to the searches performed by the audience, and may thus rank that page lower. Hence, it is crucial to monitor and find out the reason behind the high bounce rates if you have as this will no doubt harm your SEO in the long run.

Time a visitor spend on your page

The time a visitor spends on your page tells a lot about the relevancy of your site to their needs, desires and interests. A long time spent on your site simply signals to Google that your site is providing useful content that is worth engaging, and Google loves sites with such characteristic.

Number of pages/sites visited

This is a also another key metric Google is looking for when determining the SEO ranking for a particular site. Google loves sites which can engage and retain customers’ attention, and so if your audience look around your site and visit more subpages in your site, Google will see your site as relevant to the needs of the customers or beneficial to the customers as users are moving deeper into your site, hunting for more useful information. Be sure to craft out a careful content and SEO strategy to enhance your site such that it is beneficial to the audience reading it.

Whilst on-page SEO factors are important, keep in mind that there are also off-page SEO techniques, which plays an equally, if not, more important role than on-page SEO factors. If you are looking for more digital marketing services, feel free to check out our services page, which include SEO, content marketing services, all aligned to help you improve your ranking.


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