Interior Design Client

The Client

This client is a renowned interior designer in Singapore, with hundreds of positive reviews on Google, Facebook, as well as interior design portals such as Qanvast. 2019 is a year of expansion for them, as they began hiring more salespeople for their company. Like any company, the only way to find more sales is to find more leads.

Looking for more digital presence to gain more exposure, traffic and potential customers, they engaged us to dominate the search engine market for interior design.

The Challenge

When we first met with the client, they are primarily buying leads from portals, with a given price tag for every lead. Firstly, they felt that such reliance on portals means that should the portal favour other competitors, it means this marketing channel is in jeopardy. Having just one source of marketing and leads is extremely dangerous for the company.

Secondly, they lack the know-how in SEO and is many months behind strong competitors, including decades-old brands and portals. They engaged us to help them to compete with established, strong competitors, on top of the fact the interior design niche is one of the toughest in the industry to rank for.

Google clicks can go upwards of $10 for a single click, and companies spend $30,000 and above to buy leads. It is a very tough battle to be in.

The Growth

The client started off with rapid results, with the first increase in keywords and traffic value within the first 2 weeks. As we continue building more links, the results became more extreme.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the SEO competition is one of the highest there is. There are more than 10 portals in this industry, each with size and volume which dwarfs this client when it comes to SEO. Furthermore, there are more than 1000 registered interior design companies in Singapore. It is truly one of the trickiest to rank when it comes to appearing in Google.

Just the words "interior design" and "interior design singapore" already make up 7200 searches per month (source: Ahrefs), and many more companies pay $5 or more a click in PPC.

We made steady progress over the months and after a year of SEO, we finally made them #2 in the top competitive keyword, "interior design", and dozens of top 3 spots for renovation and package related words!

We have reasonable estimates that if COVID-19 and circuit breaker measures weren't in place, we would have seen much higher growth in traffic, clicks, and conversation over the past few months.

The Result

+ 995 visitors/month

+ traffic value: 2,400SGD/month

Difficulty: Very High
  • #1 for Interior Design Package
  • #1 for Interior Design Package Singapore
  • #1 for HDB Resale Renovation Ideas
  • #2 for Interior Design (3600)
  • #7 for Interior Design Singapore
  • #8 for Interior Singapore (3600)
  • and many more ...
Difficulty: Very High
  • #1 for Renovation Package
  • #1 for Renovation Packages
  • #1 for Renovation Package Singapore
  • #1 for BTO Renovation Package Singapore
  • #2 for HDB Renovation Package
  • #2 for Renovation Singapore Packages
  • and many more ...

The Journey

Initial (4 April 2019)

Interior design SEO results (8 April 2019)Initial Starting Point 8 April 2019

31 May 2019

ID SEO result (31 May 2019)ID SEO result 31 May 2019

25 June 2019

ID SEO result (25 June 2019)ID SEO result 25 June 2019

15 September 2019

ID SEO result (15 September 2019)ID SEO result 15 September 2019

27 April 2020

ID AHRefs SEO ResultsID AHRefs SEO Results 1