Interior Design Client #2

The Client

This client is a well-known interior design company in Singapore, with very high reviews on Google, Facebook, as well as interior design portals such as Qanvast.

Looking for more digital presence to gain more exposure, traffic and potential customers, they engaged us to dominate the search engine market for condominium, HDB and landed interior design.

The Challenge

This client has been doing social media marketing, buying leads from portals, but hopes to diversify further to ensure a steady supply of leads coming into their portal.

They have been doing in-house SEO and getting pretty decent results, but they aim to optimise their content even further. Since most of their sales are coming from condominium and HDB related projects, they want to rank for these keywords, which are highly competitive. 

The Growth

Since the client already has some basic SEO in place, the results were pretty quick. Within 2-3 months, most of the keywords we are optimising for are already in the top 3 pages.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the SEO competition is one of the highest there is. There are more than 10 portals in this industry, each with size and volume which dwarfs this client when it comes to SEO. Furthermore, there are more than 1000 registered interior design companies in Singapore. It is truly one of the trickiest to rank when it comes to appearing in Google.

We made steady progress over the months and just less than 5 months, began ranking in the first page for 2 out of 3 sets of keywords!

The Result