How to Build Extraordinary Marketing For Your Business

Pre-eminence Marketing, more commonly known as the Strategy of Pre-eminence (TSOP), is a business mindset, philosophy or strategy that prioritises feelings of empathy, compassion and respect.

What is Pre-eminence Marketing exactly?

Pre-eminence is derived by focusing your strategy on one of them if not, the most, important factor of every transaction – your client, otherwise known as your customer. Pre-eminence is more than just a business strategy or philosophy. It is, at the very core, a mindset that involves a multi-faceted and layered approach to every decision you make. It is lauded as an extremely effective strategic mindset that makes for an ideal selling template for salespeople all around the world to employ.

The meaning of the word pre-eminence revolves around surpassing everyone else. However, pre-eminence marketing itself is not marked by being the most profitable, richest or largest business in the industry. Instead, when practising pre-eminence, the core value that lies behind it is surprisingly humble. Every transaction you make should be driven by the main goal of benefiting or protecting your client with your product or service. It is this iron-clad devotion to your customers and iron-clad belief in the benefits of your product or service that will propel your business to greater heights.

How to Start a Pre-eminent Marketing Strategy

If Pre-eminent Marketing is so effective and widely adored, it begs the question – how does one start a Pre-eminent Marketing Strategy and turn their normal, everyday business into a pre-eminent business? Well, the answer is simpler than one would expect, though it does require a fair amount of effort and hard work to reap the right rewards. Nevertheless, with pre-eminent marketing, the Return on Investment (ROI) behind your business will grow beyond your imagination!

Ensure That Your Service or Product Adds Value

Many people are in the business because it is, well, naturally, their job. Others are in it for the money. Maybe the barriers to entry for a particular industry is low, and as a result, many businessmen clamour to pick up a job there. There’s nothing wrong with any of the above scenarios, but it does mean that not everyone in the business truly cares about the product or service they are trying to sell. Oftentimes, people either oversell their idea or see such little value in their product or service that they inevitably end up undercutting the value of what they are selling – whether consciously or unconsciously so.

While pre-eminent marketing seems to, at first glance, promote overselling your product, that is not actually the case. In fact, the core values of pre-eminent marketing cannot be any farther from the act of over-exaggerating your product. The key to pre-eminent marketing, as well as the brilliant results it is said to promise, lies in maximizing the value behind each transaction – no matter how big or small. When you kick start the process of converting your business to a pre-eminent business, it is essential that you deliver maximum value to the customers you engage with.

This brings us to our next point…

The Customer Comes First

Pre-eminent marketing is more than just a top-notch first-rate customer service department. While a quality customer service department is, naturally, a key component of a pre-eminent business, pre-eminent marketing is much broader and deeper than that. It involves devoting your entire business or organisation to the service of benefitting your customers and clients. You may believe in the quality of your product or service, but what supersedes your faith in the product you are selling should be your belief and devotion to the client you are engaging with.

Every client and customer are different in their own ways. Hence, in focusing on how your product can benefit them to the best of its ability, it is important to acknowledge the different needs and wants of each customer and tailor your approach in the transaction accordingly. When you adopt the mindset of the customer comes first, pre-eminent marketing and taking on the role of a pre-eminent business will come naturally.

Deliver an Extraordinary Experience

In pre-eminent marketing, when the customer comes first, their experience with you should be nothing short of extraordinary. While the boundaries and definitions of an ‘extraordinary’ experience can seem vague and overly broad, the baseline is that your customer’s experience in doing business with your organisation or company should be an experience that is worth talking about. This extraordinary experience may hail from your company’s impressive service or the purchase of a product or service that provided a highly value-adding experience. Delivering a positive experience through your business, product or service also has the added benefit of ensuring that your customers will trust you enough to recommend you to their friends and families. After all, word-of-mouth, while slow at the start, is one of the most effective tried and tested methods to grow a business.

Serve your clients and customers with sincerity and devotion. While this may sound excessively and even unnecessarily humble, carrying out your business transactions with the right attitude of service will not only ensure that you deliver an extraordinary experience worth talking about, but it will also develop a sense of trust and loyalty within your customers and clients.

Communication is Key

Every customer wants to know that they are making the right decision when purchasing a product or engaging a service. This is why word-of-mouth strategies and positive product reviews are such effective ways of building a positive brand image and inculcating a sense of trust within your clients and customer base – whether it be potential ones or current ones.

No customer wants to be blindsided when making a transaction. If you attempt to oversell your product or service, they will, naturally, doubt you and assume that you are not giving them a full picture of the quality of what you are selling. In scenarios like this, communication is indeed key. It is important, to be honest and upfront when communicating with your clients and customers – whether it be about the full list of advantages, as well as disadvantages, of your product, or whether you honestly believe that the product will value-add and benefit the customers’ lives. Give them the full range of information so that they are capable of making smart decisions on their own. You should never attempt to withhold, conceal or hide information from the customer in order to benefit yourself – that would be betraying the core values of pre-eminent marketing.

The Power of Charisma

Do not underestimate the power of a good, charismatic character. Oftentimes, in movies, the main protagonist, despite having the most screen-time and focus, may not necessarily be the most attention-grabbing character of the story. Instead, that distinction may belong to a side character instead, although he or she has much less prominence in the movie itself. And why is that the case? Well, most of the time, it is because the actor or actress playing that side character has enough charisma to attract the audience. With a charismatic presence, it is easy for the actor or actress to sell their image and character, even if they have fewer resources to work with.

The same often goes for businesses and marketing. It is not far-fetched to say that when it comes down to business, the people that one is making transactions with may be even more influential than the product or service itself. If two companies, Company A and Company B, can offer you products of similar standards and qualities, the deciding factor may very well depend on the people involved in the transaction. It is often said that truly skilled and charismatic businessmen can sell you anything, no matter what the product is. That is because, with the right amount of charisma, they are able to sell you the idea of their product or service before the technical details of the transaction itself.

Connect With Your Customers

As mentioned before multiple times in the article, customers and clients should be your priority when it comes to pre-eminent marketing. Hence, it is encouraged and often recommended, for you to keep up to date with your customers and keep them updated as well. This may include reaching out to them via direct email newsletters and maintaining a strong presence in media. A pre-eminent business should have a consistent presence in the media, regardless of whether it’s emails, social media, newspapers, the television and such.

Of course, this advice does not mean that you should flood your customers’ inboxes with unnecessary spam and filler emails to acquire their attention. Instead, in line with the core values of pre-eminent marketing where the customer’s priority takes first place, always ensure that what you send your customers are value-adding in some way. If your emails are sincerely and genuinely relevant and beneficial to your clients and customers, they will naturally be happy to receive news from your company. This helps to build further rapport and trust within your business.


So here are six actionable yet easy ways to turn your business into a pre-eminent business and launch your pre-eminent marketing strategy. While pre-eminent marketing is not without its own set of advantages and disadvantages, it remains a widely used strategy that does not require many resources to work with and provides impressive results when done right.