Lead Generation


Lead Generation

In today’s day and age, traditional outbound sales strategies such as cold calling and print advertisings are no longer effective in helping you get sales. Instead, inbound marketing strategies are the new thing.

Inbound marketing strategies help with lead generation and lead generation brings you a step closer to clinching a business deal. Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers for your business.

A lead is someone who displays interest in your brand’s products or services, thus he is classified as a potential customer. By identifying leads, you can develop suitable marketing strategies that are directed towards them, increasing the chances of sales.

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Sophisticated Lead Generation Services

We can further categorise leads into different categories:

  1. Information qualified lead

    These leads are not yet interested in buying. They are in the process of researching and usually does not know about your company just yet.

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  1. Marketing qualified lead

    A marketing qualified lead is a lead who is more likely to make a purchase than an information qualified lead. This is when they begin to express interest in your company which is shown through their engagement with your business.

  2. Sales qualified lead

    Those under this category are people who are ready to make a purchase.

Complementary Lead Generation Services

As seen above, there are three levels of leads. It is important that you classify your leads so that you do not spend too much time with information qualified leads but invest more time in marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads as these are more likely to get you sales. At Leading Solution, we work to bring traffic and sales qualified leads to your website.

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Our lead generation services include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Outsourcing your lead generation work to us will allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business. We focus on acquiring quality leads. Having a large number of leads that do not convert into your customers is equivalent to no leads. We aim to help you boost conversion rates from leads through the strategies that we use to direct leads to your website. Contact us today!

Why Lead Generation Services?

Why lead generation? Lead generation helps to attract leads that are ready to buy from you by scaling down your audience to a more specific group. We want to target those who already have the intention to buy and turn them into your customers.

You can get a greater ROI as our strategies implemented will help you to reduce rejections and increase sales. When you work with us, we will have a constant list of qualified leads ready for you. We are ready to help you grow your business.

Things you’ll Need:

A Good Website

Having your own website is essential to build an online presence and attract leads from organic traffic sources. The content on your website plays an important role as well; if you are able to engage your audience, it will leave an impression on them.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are a good way for your leads to reach you. However, most people will not want to leave their contact information unless they can benefit from it. You could choose to offer the users something beneficial for them such as a free trial or access to articles in exchange for them leaving their contact information. This is where you can start building relationships with your leads.

Landing Page

The landing page is extremely crucial in any lead generation campaigns as it is the page that can get your leads to take action. As such, the landing page should be carefully designed with a clear intended message.

Things You Get When You Use Our Sales Intel For Account Based Lead Generation

Highly Precise Target List

  • No more spamming the market with generic marketing message to get little or no responses.
  • Select from over 50 criteria and start building a list of key targets who will be ready to engage with you!
  • Start creating high quality prospects today!

Jumpstarting Your Sales Process

  • Clients makes purchases based on confidence and the earlier you speak from the perspective of your prospects, the quicker you gain confidence from them.
  • Use C.L.I. Intel™ to understand the situation of your prospects from the Get-Go!

Win Prospects Over Quickly

  • Looking prepared to new contacts about their situation is a sure way to impress and gain credibility with them!
  • Shortcut your outreach by impressing your prospects with timely propositions from Day 1 of your engagement with them!


Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Generation

Do I need Lead Generation?

Every company that aims to grow their business can and will benefit from lead generation services. Lead generation can help you to sell your product and services more easily. It is one of the most important aspect of marketing.

Why Not Buy Leads?

When you buy leads, you are essentially buying contact information of people who have not expressed interest in your business. This is likely to result in low to no conversion rate. It will also leave a bad impression as you are interrupting them with information that they have no interest in.

Never Run Out Of Leads To Work On!

What could be more uncertain than a business with little or no pipeline?


With C.L.I. Intel™ database you will never have a lack of contact leads to work on. New information and updates every day for your business's constant demand for growth.

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