Tips to Improve Your Written Copy – Copywriting 101

The word “copywriting” is often thrown around in our day-to-day conversations. This is especially so in today’s increasingly digitised market, where digital marketing has become a significant and irreplaceable aspect of every business industry. Copywriting is the basis of content marketing.

It is a valuable resource that every business, no matter how small, should learn how to tap into. Copywriting may seem simple, but it is in actuality a treasure trove of information that can bring you a multitude of benefits if employed in the right manner.

New to the idea of copywriting? Not sure how to get started in the whole copywriting business?

Well, we have you covered, so fret not and read on to learn more about copywriting, as well as the top five ways that you can improve on it!

After reading this article, you will likely have a firmer grasp of what copywriting constitutes and what steps you can take to implement it in your company’s business ventures.

Copywriting 101

The Definition of Copywriting – What is it and How does it help?

Before we begin the article, however, it is important to recognise and identify the word “copywrite” properly. For starters, while they sound similar, do not confuse the two terms “copyright” and “copywrite”. The word “copyright” is a noun that refers to an exclusive ownership and legal possession of a particular piece of content.

On the other hand, the term “copywrite”, which is pronounced the exact same way but has an entirely different definition, refers to the action of writing and creating texts with the intention of using it for certain forms of marketing and advertising.

Copywriting can reap you several benefits at a very low cost. By using a copywriter, you can increase the amount of traffic your website receives, increase your brand presence and generate more revenue than before!

The industry is swarming with a sea of copywriting services out there – all of varying levels of experience and effectiveness. Try engaging one to see if it works for your company. After all, you have much to gain from hiring a copywriting service, and little to lose.

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting

On the other hand, if you are already familiar with the concept of copywriting and have already engaged a copywriting service to boost your companies’ sales and revenue, maybe you are looking for ways to improve your copywriting game further and increase its efficiency. Well, look no further, for here is a compiled list of the best and most effective tips on how to take your copywriting to new heights!

Be Clear with Your Point – and Stick With It

The same advice goes for any piece of written content. Make sure you are clear with the intention and motive behind what you are writing and try not to spend any unnecessary words or time expounding on other issues. Focus on your point and stick to it. Your readers are busy people, so it is best to save them time and be as succinct as possible in what you are writing.

Try your best to cut out words that you do not need and be concise in your writing. If your articles are lengthy, yet the feedback and traffic you receive are not quite proportionate to the amount that you are writing, maybe it is a sign that you should cut down on the quantity of your writing and improve on the quality.

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“Show. Don’t tell.”

I know, I know, you have probably heard these words a thousand times by now. From your English teacher in primary school all the way to your essay writing assignments in university, almost every teacher of an essay-based subject has told you in one point of time to “show” your readers instead of “telling” them.

Well, for those who are already heartily sick of these words, we have unfortunate news for you, because the same advice applies even to your copywriting occupation. But before you roll your eyes and scoff at this piece of information, there is some basis to this claim. Anyone can tell everyone a statement and claim it as the truth. That is telling. However, for the claim to be realized and acknowledged as the actual truth, you need to show it.

How? You may ask? Well, for starters, you should always do your best to include statistics and examples in the content that you create. Readers are often cynical beings. They are not likely to take your word for everything unless you provide concrete and corporeal proof that it has worked.

Of course, no one wants to open an article or a piece of content only to be bombarded with a sea of numbers, statistics and case studies out of nowhere. Numbers are meaningless without the right context, so it is important to balance the right amount of ‘telling’ with sufficient ‘showing’ in order to create a highly readable piece of content and improve your copywriting services and skills.

Watch Your Grammar

In line with the previous tip, you have probable also heard this piece of advice more times than you can count. Maybe your examination papers were once bombarded with red, inky fireworks in the past, lambasting you for your atrocious grammar!

Well, as much as we hate to say it, it does pay to pay attention to your grammar when writing. From essay assignments to pieces of content online, there is no exception. A poor grasp of grammar affects the readability of your work, which in turn affects the readers’ understanding and the effectiveness of your writing. In addition to that, grammar mistakes take a heavy toll on the credibility of your copywriting skills and writing.

Grammar is often an overlooked and underrated part of writing, but it is the basis that our language lies on. Without the right grammar, oftentimes, we will not be able to understand what a particular sentence really means. Never underestimate how much poor grammar can negatively impact your credibility as well as the understandability of your article.

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It’s not “just” writing. Leave it to the right people.

Everyone can write. Compositions, essays, social media posts, Facebook and Youtube comments – everyone can string a series of words together to form sentences and create meaning. It is a basic skill that anyone would have learnt in the starting years of schooling education.

But always remember, just because everyone can write does not make everyone a good writer.

For a business with limited funds and resources, especially startups who are in the beginning stages of their business operations, it may be easy to take on the task of copywriting yourself instead of outsourcing and engaging external copywriting services to do it for you. After all, it’s just writing, right? Maybe you’ve done fairly well in your school essays in the past. Surely it will be doable. You get to reap the benefits of copywriting without having to pay a single cent.

Well, if you follow this line of action, you’re not necessarily wrong. Maybe you really do have the flair for copywriting. However, it is easy to burn out trying to juggle so many tasks at once, and it is important to know when to delegate your work. Effective copywriting goes beyond putting big words together to create grammatically correct sentences. It is about compiling the concise points on the subject that you want to communicate to your readers into an article, combined with the appropriate tone and style to deliver your message across in the most effective and memorable possible.

In outsourcing your copywriting and delegating the role of content creation to an external source, your copywriting may very likely improve dramatically – all the while allowing you to focus on developing your business. It is a win-win situation where everyone is happy!

Be Strategic With What You Are Writing

Maybe you think your copywriting efforts are not working. Maybe the traffic you receive on your articles are abysmal at best and zero at worst. Maybe nobody is reading your articles… which is why you are here today, trying to find some ways to improve your copywriting.

Well, you have definitely come to the right place. The answer behind poor readership for your created content is simple. Your writing does not interest the readers because it does not add value to their lives. Simply put, your writing does not answer what the readers need to know.

That is why it is important to be strategic with what you are writing.

To start off, you should properly investigate and observe your customers and their buyer personas. What exactly do they need? What kind of questions do they want answers to? What are they looking for? Your content should answer these questions and fulfil their needs. A good rule of thumb would be to look up commonly asked questions on Google and try answering them. This method also has the added benefit of giving your content a better sense of direction, which makes understanding much easier for your readers.

Content writing 101


To begin copywriting is not particularly tough, per se. But to be masterful at it and create effective pieces of content – that is no easy feat. However, as much as you attempt to arm yourself with every single tip and trick available in the books, you will never be able to master it until you try. Alternatively, you can always consider outsourcing your copywriting services to the right professionals. They are trained individuals and teams built for this task and they are likely to be more effective at it than if you attempt it yourself without the right skill set and experience.