4 Types Of Branding Great Brands Do

By Elon Law | January 16 2016
4 Types Of Branding Great Brands Do

If you want to do business in a particular industry, culture or country, cultural branding is very important. How you brand in Singapore is very different from how you brand in New York, South Africa, or in China. In this post, I will be discussing the different kinds of branding, and how you can use them effectively in your businesses.

There are 4 ways to build personal and company brand, namely they are:

#1 Cultural Branding

For every marketing campaign you embark, you should consider the cultural and societal aspect of branding. When you are doing branding, you ought to have a vision, and a mission statement. The vision is where you want to be long term and the mission is what are you about. Also, consider the culture of your company and message? These are some of the crucial factors you should consider about.

Marketing is about consistency – all collaterals and message must convey the same message and ideology. When it comes to branding: Act American, think Singaporean. Google, Coca cola, Starbucks and Apple have shown us the American branding mindset is the key to huge success – and that the power of branding is more important than anything else.

#2 Mind-Share Branding

When engaging in mind-share branding, the company serves as a steward, and your branding needs to be consistent in the expression of DNA in all activities overtime.

Corona beer took off by just adding the lime in logo as part of their beer and as a result they have successfully made the association: Lime, beer, party. With just that, they’ve created a massive brand impact. Look at Coca-Cola, they do not advertise the sugar, caffeine, or the ingredients added, instead they are selling you the association with happiness their brand is all about.

Brand association, such as pictures with celebrities and top entrepreneurs, can create the desired mind-share branding effect as well – so use it well to your advantage.

#3 Emotional Branding

With emotional branding, companies are creating a relationship with their clients and serving the role as a “good friend” through the sale of emotions and connections with their clients.

Coca-Cola sells happiness. The Trump brand is all about luxury. Disney sells memories. At the end of the day, for you to become successful, your company brand has to serve as a relationship partner. To stand out, you must have relational capital, branding with clients. You must have some kind of relationship – What kind of relationship? Helper, advisor and different levels of branding that people don’t understand. We are all trying to create the differentiation. We have to give our brand sort of a title, that people can connect you.

What is the emotional branding of your company? What did you use to tie your company up? Are you branding as a hero? Outlaw? Maverick? Helper? The fun brand? The innocent? Adventurer? Wisdom? Genius? For all people?

#4 Viral Branding

Viral branding is about communication – motivating the right consumers to advocate for the brand. Viral marketing can greatly boost the profits and branding of a company by harnessing the power of the community, but it has to have impact. When you put something up on social media, will people like or share them? Your brand must be known as the authority in terms of branding.

In order to go viral, everyone needs a mission, and everyone needs a vision – mission of what you are doing, and vision of where we are going. Once you have a branding theme, whatever you do must support the theme; it is about the same, consistent marketing message.

Here’s a great example of a viral ad success: because of this one video (See ad here), Dollar-Shave club grew to a multi-million company in a couple of months.

Regardless of individuals or companies, to achieve success, we will need branding, marketing and innovation. Branding is way too important to let your customers determine your brand – you do not want to leave it to chances. You must control your brand image and message. Branding separates you from the masses, enhances your credibility, and thereby giving you increased profits, margins, loyalty and many other benefits for the years to come. Remember, it is crucial to get branded in your pursuit to success. Be tenacious, don’t give up.

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