Ideas On Writing Local SEO Optimized Content

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As Local SEO is a very effective form of marketing to local business, there are many ideas on writing local SEO Optimized Content that can promote your services to a wide range of local customers and increase traffic on your website.

For an introduction to Local SEOs, visit our article on local SEO and how it can benefit your business. When you want to rank in local search results, your goal is to get people within a specific neighborhood, city, or town to find and visit your website or blog.

Websites focusing on a local audience are different from those focusing on a global audience. This also applies to the content within local SEO. The target audience is a very important factor in writing for local optimization. 

You have to find ways to naturally include local-specific keywords into the content of your website or article, as well as generate topic ideas purely for your local audience.

This might seem a bit challenging, especially if you aren’t used to writing locally optimized content. However, once you tackle the task of writing local SEO content through different categories, you should have a good range of potential topics to explore.

Local Headlines

A headline is the first thing people read when visiting your web page. A good local headline helps drive the direction of which you will write content.

It also gives the reader an idea of the content you are writing about. Phrase your titles in a way mirroring the search queries of your customers. For example, if you own a Chilli Crab restaurant in Singapore, you could write a blog entitled “Where can you find the Best Chilli Crab in Singapore?”.

Through this, you can optimize for local keywords in an organic way instead of aimlessly stuffing local keywords into your article.There are many ways to come up with clickable SEO friendly headlines in order to attract users to your website.

Cover Local-Specific Topics.

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First and foremost, in order to create quality local SEO optimized content, it’s important to provide niche local information. Based on your company’s field of expertise, there are several ways in which you can find ideas on writing local SEO optimized content:

Get to know the Community

Providing extra services or making an effort to make your neighbourhood a better place to live, shop, or work. Maybe have some employees attend community improvement project or event.

As trends within the local community are continuously developing, getting involved and being familiar with the community is a good way to keep your ideas and content for your Local SEO up to date.

For a more in depth look at Singapore and Local SEOs, check out our article on how to rank your local business in Singapore.

Attend Local Events 

This is a good way to increase brand awareness on site. Through event specific hashtags, you can help improve visibility to your local audience.

Blog posts are a good way to naturally integrate location specific keywords. You can solidify your company’s reputation through active involvement in local events.

Involvement is key, as it allows you to meet and ask people about the type of content they read. Through that info, you can discover more and new local keywords to use in future articles. 

Use Local News Sources

Keeping up with news and current events within your city or community is a good form of writing local SEO optimized content. It provides an opportunity to naturally use local keywords and go into depth with a certain local niche topic.

This can be done by covering events, news reports, up and coming trends, etc on your blog (whilst crediting the original source). Opinion pieces and discussion segments are also ideas of local SEO content, and can also involve the users as well.

Write about your business!

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To rank in the local search results, you want to write content related to your local business. A blog is usually a great content idea for writing local SEO Optimized content.

Writing about what you know best is a good way to showcase your business and even what your business can do for the local community. For example,

If you are a florist, write about your amazing floral arrangement services or your beautiful bouquets; and throw in some information about your local store (as well as some high-quality photos). This can apply to many types of businesses.

Write About Your Customers and Clients!

Having a comment or review section on your blog allows for you to receive feedback as well as know what to improve on content wise. This engages users and encourages them to inform you of their experiences with your company.

They can leave comments or post reviews on their own platforms and websites. This creates links and content that leads directly back to your website or blog; thus increasing your credibility and visibility in the local community.

The following article from Search Engine Land discusses the importance of online reviews and how they can make or break a business.

Write about your company or employees!

Noted, this shouldn’t be a weekly post, but it can be once in awhile. This allows for a more casual and personal look into your company.

Choosing a particular employee to write about in spotlight, or showing off the office space in pictures (and a blog post) are ways to integrate local keywords, add a touch of personality, and showcase your business.

Write about your competitors!

Not particularly write about them, but acknowledging them. Within content marketing strategy you are providing objective information but in the angle and favor of your company.

For example, if you own an antique furniture shop in Singapore, you could write a post about the “biggest antique furniture shops in Singapore”. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors.

Do this mostly in the body of the article, and at the end ‘throw your own hat into the ring’. Refrain on making it a pure sales piece. Approach it more as an article or post that provides valid information to people who are searching for it.


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Facebook is an efficient way to keep your local audience informed of what you are writing about. When writing your local SEO optimized content, Facebook can really help you reach out to a large local market. This is usually done through your local audience sharing your posts.

Syndicating these posts on local forums allows for the building of natural external backlinks that point back directly to your site and gain local exposure.

It’s also a good way to be engaged with the community. This is because you can promote your content and find local events to go to.The following article by Audiencebloom gives insight on more platforms on where to share your content for Local SEO.

Local SEO strategies will take time to develop. However, the more familiar you become engaged within the community, the easier it becomes to write local SEO optimized content. 


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