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How To Create Cornerstone Content?

A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential and indispensable, and it is the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed. It is what people need to know to make use of your website and do business with you.If you want to have an effective SEO campaign, content marketing is essential and cornerstone content is absolutely crucial.Cornerstone content is about 3 things:

  1. Picking the right keywords
  2. Creating cornerstone pages
  3. Building an internal link structure

** Remember, Google does not want multiple pages from a single site showing up on page one for the same keyword.

Picking the right keywords

First, identify the keywords you want to target in your niche market using market research. For more information on keyword research, check out our blog on keyword research.

For established site, use Google Webmaster Tools to see what keywords Google has already ranked you for in the top 100! This is the simplest method and most cost-effective way to optimise your content.

Creating cornerstone pages

Cornerstone pages should have the following properties:

  1. It should contain foundation content
  2. It should not have a time stamp
  3. It should be easy for Google to find
  4. It should not be multiple levels deep (

Elements of cornerstone pages

Cornerstone pages should have the content people want to read, which include:

  1. Compelling headline
  2. Relevant, engaging content
  3. Offers real value
  4. 800-1000 words
  5. Contain images that grab attention
  6. Videos to supplement the content
  7. Links to high PR pages

** Crucially, it ultimately boils down to 2 things Google is looking for:

  1. Decreasing “bounce rate”
  2. Increasing “time on page”

Why? Ultimately, search engines wants to provide the best results possible to whatever the user is searching for.When Google sends traffic to your site because of a keyword, if people only stayed for less than the desired time, the keyword will hint to search engines it isn’t good and it isn’t meeting expectations. Your ranking for that keyword will no doubt drop!

Internal link structure

Internal link structure is formed by creating anchor text links from other pages/posts on your website. These anchor text links are optimised for “long-tail version” of the keyword you want your cornerstone page to rank for.A visual example is provided below:

Internal linking structure cornerstone content

Internal linking structure cornerstone content

As a rule of thumb, try to create one cornerstone content for each keyword you are targeting, then cleverly make use of internal link structure to support and pass link juice to your cornerstone content.Lastly, push your cornerstone content to as many sites as possible, including social sharing sites, social media and blogs catered to niche markets.

Having a good link building strategy can greatly help in pushing the page authority (PA) of a site up greatly. Find out more about creating your own content marketing campaign.Find out more on how to create high quality content.


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