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If you are running your own site, a nicely designed website will determine how potential customers view your business (and subsequently determine its brand!). Leading Solution is a boutique web design agency providing high quality, very-affordable sites for companies in Singapore.

Each of our clients’ website is carefully tailored and designed by our team of experienced website designers. Website created exudes professionalism and clarity to your clients, and is fully responsive such that it provides an optimal viewing and interactive experience through easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices.

We integrate benefits such as making your website distinct from competitors, having consistent brand identity and also having structured, polished and purposeful content.

Website Design sample
Website Design sample - SGHomeNeeds.com

Our Portfolio

Tan Studio Homepage optimised

Tan Studio

SGHomeNeeds Cropped optimised


Bumbledoors Homepage optimised

Bumble Doors

What's Included

Website Analytics

Web analytics sample - SGHomeNeeds.com

Your website gives you so much great and useful information for your business that it is a waste not to make use of all of them properly and strategically.

Our analytics team extracts information that is easy to interpret and implement in your organisation. You never have to look at numbers and be clueless about what information is in there anymore.

We continuously do analytics for continuous improvement of your website. Reports and findings will be continuously used to improve:

  • bounce rate
  • traffic
  • click-through rates
  • conversion rates
  • keyword tracking
  • page tracking
  • ROI

Website Copywriting

Website copywriting sample - SGHomeNeeds.com

Your website is your voice and the image you portray to your clients. Together with seamless design of the website, your clients get to enjoy the clear presentation and experience of what your business got to offer them – products, services, information, blogs.

These are our website development add ons:

  • Search engine optimised
  • Unlimited revisions before publish
  • Flowing website that sells your business
  • All kinds of web pages – landing pages, ecommerce, business websites & many more
  • Psychology of selling embedded within copywriting
  • technique can generate more traffic and sales.

Visit our blog for more tips on how our copywriting technique can generate more traffic and sales.

Additional Benefits of Our Web Design Service

Satisfaction Guarantee + Full Support

Our team will liaise with you back and forth till you are fully satisfied. As a boutique firm, customer service is of paramount importance to us. When you engage our service, we will usually reply faster (usually within an hour) than most agencies. You can always call us and we’ll do our best to help you (free-of-charge most of the time!)

SEO-Friendly Sites

Having a website is only half the battle won. Eventually, you will use it either for marketing on platforms such as search engines or social media. We create your site with its SEO architecture in mind so you can rank well when the time arises, and gain traffic and leads faster than a non-optimised one.

Best Pricing in Town

Our team offers one of the lowest prices websites in Singapore, simply because we want more portfolio. We are willing to go the extra mile to custom tailor your website at a price lower than others, and we want your deal. Contact us to find for custom quotes today!

Additional Services for Website Development

  • Features ranging from payment systems to email integration
  • Every different kinds of pages – landing pages, countdown pages, shopping sites and more to suit your needs
  • Plugins of all kinds to suit your business needs
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Membership and affiliate sites

Visit our blog for more tips on how to improve your website SEO architecture.

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