Google Shopping

Shopping ads, commonly referred to as Product Listing Ads or PLAs, are the product ads that usually appear on the top Google Search results.

What Is Google Shopping Ads?

Google shopping ads are a targeted form of advertising intended for search engine users with a purchase intent. By targeting prospects of a higher search intent tier, businesses are able to improve their conversion rates as they are positioned in front of prospects who are more interested in their services and products.

Additionally, Google Shopping Ads have richer product information, with prices, merchant’s name and are usually equipped with a detailed product image to give audience members a better (literal) picture of what the product looks like.

Naturally, this translates to a better return of investment and value for money for advertising budgets.

Creating a Successful Google Shopping Ad

Creating a success ad copy is as important as launching it as part of a campaign. Campaign progress and success can be easily monitored and managed by Google Ads. The key factor lies in steering the campaign towards the right improvement steps and direction.

With experience, you can skip a few mishaps and trial-and-error tryouts. That is why it is important to hire a digital marketing firm to help you with this. Through precise strategies and competitor research, we track your performance based on keywords and traffic.

This allows us to learn more about your rivals and industry in the shortest way possible while acknowledging your competitor’s comparative advantage and forging your own.

Google Shopping Ad optimised

Grow Your E-Commerce Store with Google Shopping

Whether you are a young brand or established company, you stand to gain from Google Shopping. There is a path to success for all walks of your digital life.

Free listings may not give you astronomical numbers, but they are still a great start that can help build your digital presence and brand. Meanwhile, with better resources and budget, companies might want to dive deeper into the Google Shopping interface and network.

Creating a Google Merchant Centre account

Google Shopping Tab Optimised

The Google Merchant Centre is where your control room is at. From there, you get to set your product tax, price and shipping rules. All of this information is required before running Shopping ads. If you do not already have one, you need to have it set up now.

Alternatively, if you have someone managing your Google Ads, you should task them with this job.

At Leading Solution, we help our clients build their marketing foundation through multiple channels. We help them manage all aspects of their brand’s digital life, from content in blogs and social media to PPC and video advertisements across platforms and search engines.

All these efforts pool together to build a healthy and growing list of digital leads.