How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email is still one of the most used communication tool for businesses. As of 2014, email marketing is still growing — the number one communication is still email.

In fact, 70% of B2B brands are doing email marketing to boost their marketing presence. In the recent years, there is a new terminology called “funnel marketing”, which has its concept rooted to continually using email marketing as an effective selling tool.

Fortune 500 companies has been effectively applying email marketing in all their operations. This leaves us to the question — what is the secret behind email marketing and how can we tap on it?

Why email marketing (EM) is still effective

First we explore why email marketing is still effective. Email marketing still have several perks over other forms of marketing, this includes:

1. Low cost

Email marketing is still one of the cheapest form of marketing to your list. It costs merely a few cents to send out an email to your target client today on most major platforms, a cost unrivalled by other forms of marketing.

2. Personalisation and segmentation

Emails can be tailored specifically to your target audience. With the right platform, one can use email marketing effectively to mass send tailored emails, making your message personal and increase conversion rates.

3. Measurable

Perhaps one of the best advantages of email marketing is that the results are measurable. In our next article on email jargons, we will talk about email terminology which any business owner must know before creating their own email marketing strategy.

The truth is, the money lies in the email list. Customers who have given you their permission to send them emails are interested in finding out more about your product or service, and are open to communicating with you.

Email marketing is a good, low cost campaign to continually put yourself in front of your customers, adding value or selling them products.

Challenges of Email Marketing (EM)

With all the perks of email marketing, we also face many problems and challenges when using it for our business. Based on recent statistics, there are over 94,000,000,000 (94 billion) emails sent per day, of which about 80% will be classified as “spam”. Email marketers are facing the problems such as:

  1. Getting emails delivered to inbox
  2. Getting their emails opened
  3. Getting their emails read by audience
  4. Lastly, where the money is, getting audience to take action!

Getting emails delivered to inbox now is tough – there are many potential factors preventing your emails from getting delivered to your inbox.

We will not address the filters and standards preventing your emails from reaching your target audience — instead, we will give you recommendation on the good practices of an email marketing campaign.

SendGrid mentioned about 4 factors that can affect deliverability in their article.According to Search Engine Journal, there are 7 email marketing strategies to increase open rates, which we shall not elaborate here.

How You Can Use Email Marketing For Your Business

Here is a list of ideas which we can send our emails to engage them:

1) Product access/download instructions

What is the easiest, low cost product which can be created and valued highly by targeted users? Information. In business today, perceived expertise gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors.

By creating valuable, highly sought after content by your target audience, not only can you show your expertise, your customers will feel benefitted from this extra and useful information, information which enhances their life.

If you are in the food and beverage industry, your advice could be ten ways to eat healthier. It could be 5 best food to consume to have glowing skin. It could be the top 5 food to consume to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. There are many ways to come up with valuable content which your clients may sought after,

2) Up-sell a related product

Email marketing can be used strategically to up-sell or cross-sell related products. In such an email, you may want to look for joint venture partners or strategic alliances to bring in products to sell and profit-share — the possibilities are limitless. You can profit greatly by selling products not owned by you by using this simple strategy.

3) Follow up to see how they are doing

In such emails, the aim is to get in touch with your potential leads and maintain top of mind awareness with these clients. A simple gifting marketing strategy can bring an old, inactive client to do business with you again, and such a method reactivates the buying relationship between your client and your business.

4) Send a survey

In surveys, we can ask them for suggestions and finding out what else do they need. Do they require a complementary item which you could sell? There are a lot of ideas for more profits and improvement by sending a survey.

5) Ask for feedback or testimonials

Lastly, use email marketing to effectively seek for feedback from your clients to improve your business. Requesting for testimonials, written or video, can enhance the credibility of your business, and it can be used as a great marketing tool. We will be covering much more in depth email marketing methodology and systems in our next few articles, of which we will talk about the following:

  1. Creating compelling opt-in offers
  2. how to nurture and build a responsive email list
  3. How to craft profitable email campaign


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