How to Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Website via Google PPC

People normally have a question in their minds about why to pay to appear higher on ranking pages when they can do this free of cost. Driving relevant traffic to your site is not an easy job as many people might think. Its tight rope walk task. 

Google algorithm has a unique way of working. It rewards only quality sites that have organic rankings. You need to put in a lot of time, energy and money to get organic rankings

So, the basic issue with the Google PPC is that it is used by a substantial amount of firms, service providers and companies, and to make a place on the top of the search result you have to make extra efforts. 

1.  Expand your Website Traffic using AdWords

All the successful AdWords campaigns begin with thorough research specifically targeting customer research. Before starting with an AdWords campaign it is vital to figure out what do the users want, what they are looking for, how are they approaching with their searches.

Without reviewing search trends you may equip your campaign with suitable keywords which may seem adequate to you. Your campaign is still going to receive a setback.

Suppose you have a conversion rate of 40%. If the campaign generates ten clicks a day you are going to get only four leads per day. When the clicks are doubled to 20 while keeping the conversion rate as 40% you will get eight leads per day. By increasing the budget of your website’s bids you will achieve a good number of ad ranks and that will result in a better ranking on Google’s SERPs.

The next thing in this list is targeting a significant geographical area. This approach is a masterpiece. For example, you get a good number of clicks in order to produce leads for your website. However, you can expand your target area in case you fail to push enough amount of traffic. 

2.  Keyword Match should be Broader 

The main aim is to get maximum clicks according to the budget of the campaign along with ensuring that relevant traffic is being attracted to avoid money wastage on poor quality leads or unwanted traffic. Use brief keyword variations as a weapon to get more specific and qualified traffic rather than using keywords that match with the phrase. 

Also, look at the details of your keywords to ensure that you are not driving unwanted clicks. If you come across unwanted searches do not get disappointed and take this as an excellent opportunity to rebuild your unimpressive keyword list and develop a titanium campaign.

Reach our Blog to study how you can optimize SEO keywords.

3.  Quality Score Optimization

The quality score of a keyword is described as the effective quality or nature of the ads and landing web pages that are activated by that particular keyword. The quality score has a very important role. Google rewards quality scores to the advertisers who have less CPC and more ad position.

4.  Optimize Creatively for Mobile Apps

It is a well-known fact that mobile phones are the most commonly used medium for search engine and that is where the entire scope of improvement lies. Realizing the impact of smartphones on PPC ads is very crucial to optimize it accordingly.

While designing the appropriate marketing strategy there are chances that you focus more or only on computer desktop users rather mobile phone users which has a better approach in search volume for matching a keyword.

Mobile conversions are much easier because of the high level of intimacy that smartphones provide for those who click on ads. 

Here are the few highlights to optimize for mobile platforms:

  • Short and neatly written: You have more space for PPC ad content for computer desktops whereas for mobile phones you can create catchy and brief headlines. You have to keep the content for mobile ads as short and crisp as possible.
  • Segmentation: It is done on the basis of the device being used. It may be possible that your advertisement campaigns may not see any difference in the conversion of leads, but this is the type of data that you need at the end while running PPC campaigns. 
  • Use landing pages for mobile: You cannot send PPC leads to a web page that is used for computer leads. Look at the options from a traditional landing page to a mobile-friendly one that is ideal for mobile PPC.

5.  Identifying the main Target Audience

In order to push qualified traffic you have to be specific about your target. For example, you run a cosmetic business. You have to make a list of a targeted audience which may include the teenagers and majorly adults, aspiring models, and movie celebs.

6.  Reach a Potential Audience with Right Targeting Options

This includes various keynotes. You cannot grow a business if you don’t have a habit of saving. To save money, and for paying only for what you are using you should focus on:

  • Area wise targeting – If your business is local target the audience in the surrounding of your business. Create ads that appear only in the vicinity or nearby areas where you want your business to flourish. This is important for every in-house business with a limited topographic range.
  • Targeting through interest- You can access the data from Google to know the interests of the target audience. A different interest group of people is needed to be targeted with different ads. For instance, for B2B techies ads about accounting software are appropriate whereas, someone from fashion will get attracted to stylish clothing range and more.
  • Targeting based on device- People have a different way of responding to smartphones and computer desktops. Keeping this in mind you should design ads with more relevance to the users who use mobile as a medium to browse and to the one who uses their computer for the same. You have to ensure that they respond to the particular ad with a specific device. 

These are some commonly used steps to drive qualified traffic to your site. When you start working on these you will see increased website traffic and that will give you the more targeted customer to grow and expand. 

The issue with less traffic is that if you are not attracting quality traffic to your strive even after incorporating a detailed set of negative keywords, inevitably you are not going to have ample clicks that will form a sale or a lead desirable for your campaign.

Ensure to optimize the campaign on a continuous basis, and update the keyword list to drive relevant clicks to your website only.

Always make sure that you expand your website traffic to receive large targeted users wherein you can further classify the users via interest targeting. Business grows when it has a good reach in the market in this world of digitization. You have to be more specific about what medium you want in marketing on a digital platform.


When a successful campaign is launched by addressing all the crucial aspects which is generating good conversion that doesn’t mean the work is done. When the campaign is live you have to closely monitor the performance and dig out points where the scope of improvement lies and implement them for better results.

PPC services are critical for every website.

 To have comprehensive knowledge about it you can read PPC guide.

Keep updating your content as Google rewards the content that tends to be fresh. Make it a routine to update the content on your website.

A great way to boost the reach of your content is to promote the job and wisdom of others. Including the creativity or writings – or even the products – of others in your content adds a layer of “built-in distribution.”

Anyone featured in your content is incentivized to help in sharing it because by promoting your content they are promoting themselves too.


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