The Future of Web Designing: 6 Ways to Attract Customers

The web has its presence in every part of our lives. Be it banking, shopping, sports, learning, entertainment, and more, we can have almost everything with only a few clicks on websites. As the web is evolving constantly, the changes are happening in the way websites are being designed & built.

A few decades back, websites used to be mere bits of HTML markups that couldn’t perform many operations. Today, websites have become completely dynamic and they can carry out broader functions. With new web design concepts being emerged and implemented every year, this has taken the web experience to a different level.

Website design is the first and primary element that guides the visitor’s decision in whether they need to go with your brand or choose others over you. This is more important especially for small business who wants cost-efficient ways of interacting with customers.

The key behind attracting potential customers to a business is web design. Even implementing a small change can have a significant impression on the visitors.

Cited below are 7 amazing web designing ideas to implement to attract more customers:

Simplicity is essential: Tip #1

It takes only 50 milliseconds to impress a visitor on a website. Impressive banners, sliders, pop-ups need time to load and you don’t have plenty in making an impression.

If the website landing page is cramped with various types of content, striking colors, and heavy galleries, it may confuse visitors and may end up chasing them away. Instead of opting for this, incorporate a simple yet engaging web design approach.

Here are a few suggestions on doing this:

  1. You should ensure that you are using only essential design concepts and ignore irrelevant banners, widgets, and any other form of distraction.
  2. Your website structure should be understandable and easy to follow having simple navigation.
  3. Your website design should be uniform and it should create a visual link between its different elements.
  4. Your focus should not be on desktop users only, rather make a mobile-friendly arrangement for your website to make it more appealing.
  5. Welcome feedback from your website users about technical and visual aspects and try to improve the shortcomings.

Minimize the Number of Decisions of your Users: Tip #2

If a website is making users walk around tons of options, this will make it hard for them to reach a decision and there are high chances that they might leave without making one.

Therefore, instead of deviating their attention by providing them with a large number of confusing items, try to help them in making a smart choice by supplementing related options to their queries.

One might think that providing a high number of options to users will increase traffic, but this is not the case. There are chances that final result can be opposite to the planned result. You should focus on giving relevant options to customers that complement each other and add value to one another rather than adding ingredients unknowingly.

If you design a website that offers just the right options to the users, irrespective of how limited they are, it will still boost the conversion rates. Customers look for products and services that suit their needs and fulfill their requirements to the core while having a strong sense of reliability in terms of post-purchase customer support.

Limiting the choice of customers is a good plan if it is well thought and focused on addressing their immediate requirements and guides them efficiently towards making a decision. Incorporating this to your website will lead to a substantial rise in conversions.

Contact and Legal Information is a Mandate: Tip #3

Even though this part of information is not meant to have a chief position on the website, that doesn’t mean it should be completely neglected. Adding this to your website will not only increase the credibility of your brand, but it will also help in building trust and interest of potential customers.

Providing this information is mandatory for everyone, but small businesses have a higher stake in this as it proves authenticity and reliability. Importance of sharing contact and legal information is helpful when:

  1. You’re selling an unconventional product or service which is not easily accessible in the market.
  2. Your offers are considerably economical as compared to the offers provided by your competitors.

If you are not sharing this information then potential customers may think of it as a possible scam and leave right there. Online scams have become very popular and have degraded the integrity of websites that work hard for earning a level of dignity with their dedicated efforts.

Having access to contact information induces a sense of relief among customers and the visitors feel comfortable while purchasing a given product or service.

Incorporate Live Chat Support System: Tip #4

Having an integrated support system that provides efficient and consistent support round the clock can attract potential customers.

Implementing a dedicated support system shows that a website is prioritizing customers’ experience and taking sincere actions towards resolving any possible grievance of the customers. It strengthens your bond with the customers and they inherit a sense of belonging with your services.

Including this service on your website can enhance your business performance in numerous aspects:

  • By giving proper guidance to your customers through support services your sales will have an upward graph.
  • Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty and support systems ensure that your customer’s every query is quickly answered.
  • With the help of support services, not only you can answer queries, but also you can resolve issues and pain points of customers which strong-arm your chances to increase the customer base for your website.

Artificial intelligence is an effective way of addressing queries, but customers feel more comfortable if their questions are answered by a qualified professional. Therefore, featuring the photo and name of the support agent on the website will ensure a more profound relationship with the customers. 

Include Engaging Testimonials: Tip #5

The first and foremost thing customers do before buying a product or a service is that they check reviews. The majority of people trust online reviews and make a mental image depending upon positive or negative comments.

Positive feedback can invite more potential customers to your website, whereas, negative feedback can drive them away. Highlight every positive feedback about the website to attract more customers.

Highlight the experience of your happy customers by adding testimonials to your website and make everyone aware that you are best in business. These testimonials become trustworthy and attractive to customers depending upon the way they are featured on the website.

Few things to remember before including testimonials:

  • Avoid publish testimonials anonymously.
  • Add photos of your happy and satisfied customers using your product or services.
  • Focus on publishing testimonials that highlight specific user-targeted values of your product/services instead of general-use values.

Don’t do Experimentation with Background Colors: Tip #6

This is extremely important for a website that has a blog section or comprehensive written content. The content can only form a remarkable impression on users if it is received and understood correctly. The way written content is presented is as important as where it is featured on the website.

The content loses its value if it is overburdened with striking background colors making it hard for the users to read. Therefore, instead of making your website attractive with abstract colors, try to create a well-balanced contrast between different elements of your website in a way that they add value to one another rather than overshadowing each other.

Wrapping Up

Your website is the first point of contact with your customers. Web design has a significant role in forming a great impression on customers, therefore it can’t be overlooked.

Attractive and well-presented web design can enhance user-experience which can attract potential customers along with increasing your brand credibility.


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