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Off-Page SEO Strategies (Part I)

Off-page SEO is another way to help rank a page in Google for a particular word or term. In fact, majority of the SEO juice to any webpage is from off-link strategies.

For the greatest result, a webmaster should use it in conjunction with on-page SEO techniques. Combined together, they offer a powerful and integrated internet marketing strategy for a webmaster to rank well in search engine.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO strategies are basically efforts done to increase the rank of a web page by factors not governed by the page itself. Strategies include building high PR backlinks and getting SEO link juice flow back to your site.

These off-page factors are “signals” for search engine to know your site is relevant and has authority, as other web-masters are linking their website to yours and directing their readers to your web page.

SEO strategies are confusing enough for most SME business owners worldwide, this is even more so for off-page SEO strategies. We will cover the first 5 off-page SEO strategies that you can use to implement immediately to your site here.

The 5 fundamental SEO strategy and tactics we are covering in part 1 are as follows:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Click through rates from SERPS
  3. Social media
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Forum postings

Off-page SEO strategies

1. Backlinks

Of all the factors to be covered, back-linking is the most crucial of them all.A backlink is defined as incoming hyperlink from one web page to another — for example, “For more infomation, click here“, and the link brings the visitor to another web page.

In fact, backlinks have been a crucial part of search engine’s metric in assigning SEO authority even after so many years. Whilst most search engines have all changed their ranking algorithm and factors almost entirely since the birth of SEO, backlinks remain the most effective off-page SEO strategy in building site authority.

As back-linking strategy is crucially important and in-depthed, we will cover more of it in future blog posts.

2. Click Through Rates From SERPS

To understand this concept, we must know that Google actually want readers to obtain relevant content, information or answers they are looking for easily.

Click-through rate comes in relevant as an accurate metric telling Google whether that specific web page has what the audience is looking for.

How do you improve click-through rates from SERPs? Simple — be relevant and true to how you appear in search engines.

Online customers will leave your site (or “bounce” off your site) quickly when what they are searching for does not match what they expect when they click your link in search engines.

3. Social Media

Social media can draw significant amount of traffic for companies, especially B2C businesses. There are lots of social media strategies available for businesses, so aim to:

  1. Get database of clients
  2. Reveal needs and wants of clients
  3. Attract more customers to visit their site or physical stores
  4. Use viral marketing to increase brand recognition and value

The potential for social media marketing is limitless, and businesses can generate significant volume of sales just by having a strong social media presence alone.

Most importantly, social media can pass the authority value and SEO link juice back to your main site — it’s thus a good bargain to have your social media strategies done right!

4. Social Bookmarking

Another successful off-page SEO strategy is to bookmark your posts. By constantly creating new content, you are telling Google your site is constantly refreshed to better suit and provide newest information to the reader.

By posting your content to a number of social bookmarking sites consistently, you are essentially getting Google’s attention by generating significant traffic and readers to your site.

This is also another key metric for Google to evaluate how well-optimised your site is.

Examples of social bookmarking sites include Reddit, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Importantly, make use of tags effectively and ensure your posts are of a consistent message.

5. Forum Posting 

Being actively involve in forums related to your niche or in forums your target customers appear in allows your presence to be felt and allows you to create greater brand awareness.

Main benefit of this greater presence is that it draws traffic to your site (be it through backlinks to blogs or home page), and it ultimately tells Google that your site has what the people are looking for.

This increases your relevance and thus page and site authority.Forums offer a platform for communication, and showcase of expertise and authority in a particularly niche as forums more often than not educate the viewers.

This method has been one of the surest way to draw in the right traffic as well as ideal customers. However, market research is key to appearing in the right forums and getting in front of the right audience. Find out more instructions on market research in our blogs.


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