11 More Marketing Principles To Maximize Business Success

These 11 additional “Marketing Principles” are designed to grow your cash and the number of clients in your business! They have been proven to help thousands of businesses kick-start their sales and profits – regardless of the size of their operation.

11. Be Proactive to Outsell the Reactive

Don’t be “passive”. Constantly adopt, adapt, and be “proactive”! Examine your active and inactive client lists. Offer them a one-time preferential price, or an opportunity to buy a limited-supply item or buy ahead of the crowd.

12. Use Non-Ad Ads

A “non-ad” ad is a positive article on your business that appears in the local news, radio or TV. This exposure is usually free and adds to your reputation. Fall in love with your clients, not with your products, services – or yourself.

13. Turn One-Time Clients Into Lifetime Buyers

Set up a regular monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual contact strategy, based on testing. Make them a preferential offer – an exclusive combination package.

You could use a Mailgram and test variations against your “control” approach. Give out a valuable offer or information to increase retail traffic. To generate constant hype, often have exciting promotions – be it an experience, event.

A good way to remain in strong relationship with your clients and customers is by using a CRM system, a common one is email marketing.

14. Use Your Hidden Assets

List your assets and liabilities your company has. Make a “hit list” with your business partner. Prospects that would purchase your assets through a joint venture or licensing deal. People who can help reduce your liabilities. Develop a plan for each asset and liability.

15. 7 Keys to a Winning Sales Pitch

1. Say something that demands the prospect’s attention.

2. State why they would be interested in your offer.

3. Emphasise why they should believe you.

4. Prove it.

5. List the benefits of your offering.

6. How to order.

7. Ask them to order now

Direct messaging shows you honestly care about your clients or clients.

16. Preemptive Advantage

Be the first to tell your clients “insider” information – let clients know what you do for them. This could be the production process, or the technology used in operations. By articulating it, people would gain ana appreciation for your offer.

17. Work With Other People’s Money

Processes relate to the way you manage, operate, route people, maintain your inventories and the way you maximize your capital or human capital. Isolate your superior processes and teach them to your competitors for a fee.

18. Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time

Devote less than 10% of your workday on things that do not have any promise of profit or strategic gain. Talk to at least one client every day! Break the inertia by splitting your goals into bite size objectives that would be relatively more achievable than huge goals. Then, try up-selling a special package or an add-on item.

Recommended “positive thinking” books include:

• Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

• How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Betzger

• How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

• How to Sell Yourself by Elmer Wheeler

• The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches by Joe Karbo

19. Use Direct Mail

Whoever said Direct Mail is exclusively for magazine publishers and other massive mailers? Even if only a mere 2% of your 1,000 letters respond, you still gain almost $600 in profit for every you mail out! Direct mail is one of the least expensive, but most effective and straightforward ways to disseminate your well-crafted sales story to your prospects.

Here are some tips to create a powerful direct letter:

1. Draw reader’s attention with a powerful headline!

2. Emphasise the advantages you can provide the reader

3. Provide evidence to validate your benefit claims. (e.g. testimonials or factual evidence)

4. Convince your reader to order now

5. Have a strong call to action!

6. Find People Willing To Be Clients

Use a variation of criteria to target specific market segments of people and businesses. Then seek out these mailing lists or mailing lists of brokers in that directory.

20. Develop Multiple Income Sources

Adopt a Multichannel Marketing Strategy. Many small business owners only rely on one- or two-income streams, like direct sales and referral marketing (e.g. word-of-mouth), to attain clients and gain revenue. This drastically increases the risk of their business collapsing, should one stream become ineffective.

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic world, where industries are being disrupted and platforms can be rendered ineffective at a moment’s notice, how can you keep your business robust?

Diversify your profit streams and build your business on an array of strong pillars or marketing profit streams (e.g. direct sales + referral system + joint ventures + email marketing + advertising + podcasting + telemarketing + host/beneficiary relationships)

To make a powerful advertisement:

a) Show how your offering can improve or save their life

b) Explain in detail how the offering does this and why your offering is unique

c) The call-to-action is clear and strong. Viewers are encouraged to respond right now!

As marketer John Caples said “Test everything on a small scale before you spend money on a large scale.”

21. Know Your Niche

You will never appeal to everyone. Identify your specific target market, make your USP proposition razor sharp. But beyond filling the market void, your USP needs to produce sufficient clients and profits to satiate your psychological and financial needs for long-term, sustainable growth.

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