Extensive Digital Marketing Innovations and Trends for 2020

The evolution of technology over the years has made a revolutionary change in the world turning it into a global place by connecting people across different countries.

Accessing information has become easier than it was ever before. Promoting your services and generating product awareness are now smoothly manageable. Internet is an extremely helpful tool that can generate ROI, therefore, investment in digital marketing is not something that you should neglect.

You should keep up with the changing trend to keep you with your competitors. You should critically think about the effect of changing technology on your business. Align your business operations with the changes occurring along with predicting and preparing for the advances that are going to happen shortly. Retaining customers along with actively reaching new ones will lead your business to success.

Here are important digital marketing trends you should look for:

Use of Chatbots

Many organizations will start to use a chatbot. This is an effective software program that interacts with website customers and visitors. Chatbots communicate uniformly with the people who view your site and give real-time answers to their questions.

A chatbot either use chat windows or verbal interactions to help internet users with their queries.

Hiring a person to assist the visitors of your site can prove to be expensive. Chatbots are cost-effective and save your invaluable money by answering queries efficiently. Moreover, customers usually find personalized services very attractive and chatbots deliver the same.

Their benefits in digital marketing:

  1. Saves Time: A chatbot provides quick answers to all types of questions. Quick responses signify customer can make quick decisions which save valuable time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Chatbots provide assistance 24*7. If a customer seeks information these chatbots make it available irrespective of the time at which query is made.
  • Good Humor: Chatbots are unbiased, accurate, and informative. You won’t have any complaints regarding their way of dealing with the customers. They have all the essential qualities to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hyper-targeted Customer Advertising

Digital ads are used by companies to promote their products. However, it is annoying when you get across an ad that serves you no purpose. Not only customers ignore such ads. They also form a negative impression of the brand and its products. Unrelated and irrelevant ads are disregarded by people, but they appreciate great content.

By sending tailored messages according to the requirements and needs of users you will see a rise in the percentage of prospective buyers of the product.

Since now, many companies are framing plans according to this trend because they are aware of the benefits. Most of the companies by 2020 will be focusing on targeting a precise audience and also customers will only be answering relevant ads.


Personalization is crucial for digital marketing. By 2020, most of the advertisers will start to use personalization in their marketing strategies and there will be a considerable increase in completely personalized sites.

Personalized emails generate 41% higher CTR (click-through rate) and 29% higher open rates than conventional emails lacking a style of personalization. If you haven’t thought about personalizing your digital marketing plan you are leaving behind many benefits.

The foremost benefit of personalizing your digital marketing strategy is to have the authority to reach an explicit class of customers. By gathering customer data from surveys, research, list segments, you are well-equipped to create effective and more relevant email campaigns.

Your campaigns should target the audience addressing their interests, buying habits, and online search behavior. This will ensure that your campaign will attract relevant and quality traffic.

Customer’s Changing Behavior

To be successful in this competitive world, you should focus on how to keep your existing customers satisfied along with bringing new ones. Below are ways through which you can achieve this:

  1. Companies should focus on reliability: On average, 8 out of 10 women browse through reviews before selecting a product. This is the primary reason that customers expect that brands should be high-quality, honest, helpful, and friendly. When a brand receives positive reviews from customers, it attracts new users and enhances the brand image.
  • Companies should focus on adding video content: Approximately 95% of users watch the video explaining the qualities and features of products and services. This is a significant number. By publishing informational and description videos, companies can interact actively with the users providing useful knowledge to them.

This practice will increase the transparency of your company and customers will start to build respect and trust in your expertise.


The companies which provide transparent and clear information retain most of the customers, almost 9 out of 10. Therefore, a company should be entirely transparent about the information that is to be shared for promoting your products.

Few Tips on Improving Transparency:

  1. Establish the core values of your company.
  2. Just selling products should not be your only goal.
  3. Be as open with your customers as possible. Let them know about your company.
  4. Whenever customer raises concerns or queries, respond immediately.
  5. Soak the criticism from users and react in a professional yet friendly tone.

Single Marketing Service provider

At present, there are plenty of marketing technology agencies. Adding to this point almost every enterprise uses around 91 marketing services.

This is an overwhelming number. Therefore companies want one platform that syncs every other tool.

To clear the question which arises that is it wise to pay and implement all in one marketing tool. Here’s the answer:

  1. It helps in eliminating repetitive duties.
  2. It helps in streamlining marketing efforts.
  3. It enhances accountability.
  4. It helps in making user management more convenient.

Next Generation SEO

Constant changes are being made in SEO and amendments are being implemented steadily. Search engine algorithm changes have profoundly impacted customer’s search results.

Algorithm changes come with distinct problems or benefits. It completely depends upon the way you perceive it. The search engine’s intention behind these changes is helping the users to get a precise resolution to their queries.

You should be ready for the evolving SEO and coordinate your efforts to make the most of the advantages it has to offer.

Voice Search Engine

We all are witnessing fast-paced technological changes. Typing a query takes more time than having a voice assistant to whom you can speak to get the desired resolution.  

A voice assistant can make searches for you, read texts, and carry out operations.

If it is used for business, voice search becomes a crucial factor. It helps to promote the mobile-friendly campaign along with enhancing operations of the local SEO. It also increases the use of AI and prioritizes the semantics of the searches.

Important tips for voice-powered search optimization:

  1. Decipher the Language: While using search engines several people use big sentences with few specific keywords. For optimizing the opportunity in the voice-powered search results you should use long and precise keywords. You should think about what a prospective user would search for a service or product and then create keywords accordingly.
  2. Be conversational: While incorporating voice search to your website you should use an appealing conversational tone to attract the attention of the users.
  3. Provide detailed answers: People use internet services to seek information. It can be about anything description of a service or product, their utilities and more. Keep this in mind and accordingly create the content to be used voice searches. Include questions that a user may ask about your products and try to give detailed answers.

Final Words

For successfully running a business it is important to have the knowledge of marketing trends and where they are headed to prepare yourself for forthcoming challenges.

Change is inevitable and you can either benefit from it or see a downfall. The way you react to these changes will be the deciding factor in where you will reach in the future.


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