How To Build A Successful Marketing Campaign

By Elon Law | October 9 2015
How To Build A Successful Marketing Campaign

Most of us here knows what a brand is – or at least know what does it mean by a “brand”. Brand has different meanings to different people, even amongst entrepreneurs. Brand to me is essentially the congruent message and promise your company will deliver to your clients and the audience who knows about your brand.

All of us know how much value a brand can bring us – the intangible goodwill of the brand Coca-Cola is worth billions of dollars; Trump Tower can command a price 4 times that of their competitors. So, how do we build a great brand from scratch?

Below are 10 steps you can take now to build your very own brand:

1. Build awareness

People need to know who you are. Many people are not spending enough for their marketing. Most business owners spend majority of their money on R&D, equipment, investing. But ultimately, the world needs to know about you. How do you build awareness? Tell everyone you know. Tell people here’s what I do and here’s what I am about. Start having your own personal branding website and a company website. Regulate the website and ensure consistency and congruence – the content, tone of message, words etc will determine how people perceive your brand. Whether its social media, direct marketing, websites, remember this: out of sight, out of mind.

2. Positive attitude

It is contagious! Your want to give off a brand with positivity attached to it. The old adage “opposites attract” is certainly one of the worst phrases of all times. When is the last time you like someone who is totally opposite like yourself? You have learned from countless sources that to create rapport and to make people like you, you have to mirror them and basically form as many common grounds as possible. Same thing here, you can’t be negative or you will attract negative people, and here’s the worst part – they will never buy from you.

3. Build wants and needs

You need to create a need and a demand for your own product, else people don’t have a reason to deal with your company. Some of the best sales trainers out there include Tom Hopkins and Aaron Sansoni, and there’s one book that I have learned a lot from which I thought I could share with you – Trump’s playbook.

4. Creating brand preference

Why do people prefer doing business with you? When you and your competitors do the same kind of marketing, what make your customers prefer doing business with you over your competitors? The problem is, when you are not branded, you are a commodity. And commodities fight with one another based on prices. Lower margins and lower profits are almost always a death spiral – you have to start strategising to prevent your company from being in this situation.

5. Strategising for brand insistence

What will make people insist on doing business with you? If you are a startup, great! Start thinking and behaving like a successful brand and business, and start strategising your brand for brand insistence. Why will people insist on driving 10km to your shop to buy your bread when they have another bread shop just at the corner of their street?

6. Ease of use

Brand purchase – Always make it easy for your customers to buy. When people associate easy purchase with your brand, it lowers the barrier to purchase compared to a competitor who has a complicated sales process.

7. “Brand WOW”

Every successful business has their WOWs which makes them the market leader. Businesses should be all about building the “WOWs” and killing all the “UNWOWs”. Trump’s golf courses is one such example – the facilities, marble slabs are imported from the best suppliers from all over the world, and they reclaimed land just to provide the best views for a golf course, making it the best in the world. Everything in your business should done on the basis of brand WOWs.

8. Brand advocacies/ambassadors

You will want to create brand ambassadors for your business. Creating brand advocates is the most effective proper form of branding as it is always better when someone sells you than you sell yourself. The continuous brand referrals and word-of-mouth will bring in credible, high quality prospects to your business over the long time.

9. Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is creating a culture of raving fans. Apple smartly creates a culture where simplicity is the new “cool”, a brand which people feel “cool and belong to an upper class”. As a result, Apple has a strong Apple cult which stays loyal to the brand. In just a day, they have sold more iWatch than Samsung’s watch in 1.5 years.

10. Do something others are not doing.

This differentiates you from your competitors and gives you the upper hand amongst them. Of course, this has to be something of value to the customers, and through providing superior value in important areas of their lives which no other competitors are doing, you can virtually guarantee that the company will do well in the years to come.


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